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Tschichold in London

Just opened in London, a Jan Tschichold exhibition, showing the books and other publications by which his modernist approaches and ideas were propagated to German printers and typographers.

18 months

Murder an artist in a random and unprovoked attack, and get just 18 months in prison. Welcome to British “justice” in 2007.

English eccentricity, alive and well…

Live in a house but want a narrowboat? No problem; just buy a minivan and convert it to a ‘narrowboat on wheels’.

You can’t even give away webcomics

Journalista has been doing a bit of research on BitTorrent-enhanced comics piracy, and the findings incidentally reveal a sad truth. While he found terabytes of mainstream superhero comics piracy, and some minor levels of piracy of ‘intelligent graphic novels’ like Ghost World… “I’ve found exactly one webcomic collected into a torrent and pirated” Which I […]

Crewe-London via Stoke

Interesting, if you’re someone who often uses the train from Stoke-on-Trent; a new direct hourly Crewe-London semi-fast (100mph) train service has been confirmed today. And paid for with £1.12 billion of subsidy from the taxpayer, which is nice. It’ll run via Stoke-on-Trent, from January 2009. In terms of opening up new destinations from Stoke, it […]


Very sweet; the zoomquilt is a use of Flash that’s almost as pointless as every other use of Flash, but it redeems itself with a kind of down-the-rabbit-hole hypnotic beauty. Let’s hope the source code .fla’s are released, since this looks like it has interesting potential for storytelling; re: Scott McCloud’s “infinite canvas” idea for […]

Wild nerds

Yum; two new free issues of the Nerds Gone Wild PDF magazine. It seems to be finding its stride now, and has colour covers. Love the new retro masthead… Also of interest, there’s a new ‘Nerd Project’ page over at the Wikiversity.

New DEMOS pamphlet

Launched on Tuesday; a new DEMOS pamphlet on the creative industries in the UK. So, what do you do? (available for download shortly, I hope) looks at why policy makers need to understand new kinds of jobs done by new kinds of employees, within new ways of doing business. But the pamphlet says that government […]

Liza Dracup

Another reason to visit Bradford this summer; as well as the exhibition of autochromes at the National Media Museum, nearby there’s also the inaugural show of the newly re-located Impressions Gallery, exhibiting what seems to be the first full public showing of Liza Dracup’s Sharpe’s Wood series.

Moth counting

Sounds fun. On the almost-moonless National Moth Night of 11th August 07, go outside and contribute to a national moth count… “Despite much local activity, there has been no national recording scheme covering all larger moths for over 20 years.” Although if you prefer not to go lolloping through your local woods with a lamp […]

A starship for £425,000

Ah yes, Brummies. We have taste, you know… “A sci-fi fan who turned his flat into a replica of a Star Trek ship sold it for £425,000 – five times its market value – when he put it up for auction on the internet site eBay. Tony Alleyne, 54, left, spent two years and £30,000 […]

“Rain, Rain, go away…”

Told you. I buy an air conditioning unit, and as soon as it’s delivered the weather starts to rain solidly for two weeks. “Experts predict more heavy rain” reports the BBC… “18 June 2007 – Forecasters are predicting more heavy downfalls for the West Midlands as rain continues to fall. … An average month’s rain […]

Autochrome in Photoshop

Just a quick experiment, to see if I could approximate the look of a somewhat-faded Edwardian autochrome photograph in Photoshop … (large version, 230kb)

Public Domain Torrents

A nice idea; a ‘legal’ BitTorrent tracker for old feature films that are now ‘in the public domain’. Lots of schlock Robot Werewolves vs. the Amazons from Mars -style footage here, in ready-to edit format, for pop videos and suchlike. But also some classics such as Keaton’s The General and Chaplin’s The Kid, Fire Over […]

Beyond our Ken

Jeremy Clarkson visits the Ken-ified tourist traps of central London in the summer… “after a while I began to think I might be in a strange place, the result of an unusual sexual liaison between Geneva in 2027 and Moscow in 1974.”

Autochromes in Britain

Interesting; Bradford opened a large exhibition of autochromes at the end of May. Autochromes were the first practical type of colour photography, widely used by the pictorialists and often very beautiful if they haven’t faded with time. The process was patented in 1903 and first marketed in 1907, thus this is the centennial year. The […]

Gurgle Video

Nice; Google Video not only indexes the combined Google Video & YouTube archives, but is now also digesting videos on MySpace, Yahoo Video, the BBC and others.


Hmm… this sounds interesting. CreativeAmbition day, 28th June 2007, at the Birmingham Hippodrome… “A day of talks and workshops on continuing professional development in the creative sector presented by CreativePeople, the UK network of organisations offering information, advice and guidance on professional development in the arts and crafts. Advance booking is advised. Cost: £75.”

Railway town

As in the crowded UK, so on in the sprawling U.S.  The Wall Street Journal reports on the phenomenon of new developments springing up along the railways of America, within a mile or so of a decent train station. It’s certainly something that’s also started to happen in Stoke-on-Trent, as the affordable area within walking/cycling […]

“All your thesis are belong to us”

Durh. University techies, who’d have ’em, eh? Your university hides the full-text theses away behind strident ProQuest password-protection, but Google’s search robot trots along, completely ignores all the security, and then sprays them all over the web in full-text form.