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UK eBay listings no longer show on U.S. site

The BBC has dug up some fairly important information for UK-based eBay sellers. British listings no longer show up on the U.S. eBay site, at least not in any easy manner. And it’s been happening since February. So if you’d noticed that your U.S. buyers had vanished, then that’s the reason. It’s not simply down […]

MAKE fringe

Having blogged yesterday about steampunk crafts, today I find that the issue No.9 of MAKE magazine explores makers at… “the fringes of technology with projects that push the boundaries of physics and reason”. DIY tips on making panoramic pinhole camera s, making your very own cloud chamber, and a report on the World Championship Kinetic […]

Kelly Watch the Stars

(large version, 240kb) Air’s Kelly-Watch-the-Stars (.mp3, 5mb)

Tusa on the arts

John Tusa, the highly successful outgoing head of London’s Barbican, fires a a broadside against government arts policies… “Perhaps a true coda to Tony Blair’s speech at Tate Modern would be for him to free the arts from so many of the supervisory bodies that restrict activity rather than freeing it. Or perhaps the new […]

Brass Goggles

Fab; I just discovered that the wonderful Brass Goggles weblog hails from Birmingham. It profiles contemporary fan-made devices, other items of steampunk -goodness, and has a growing craft forum. Which rather makes sense, if you think of Birmingham having been the workshop of the world, starting from the ‘toy’ trade, and all that. It seems […]

Festival of Extreme Building launches on the web

Birmingham’s Festival of Extreme Building web-site has been, erm… built. And very nice it looks too, courtesy of the Custard Factory-based designers Heavy Object. The Festival itself launches on 9th June 07, resulting by September 07 in a strange structural dreamtime and “a temporary parallel city”. It’s curated by Dave Pollard, of Intervention and re:location.

Secret watch camera, c.1886.

Well, there’s a hook for a Victorian steampunk novel set in Birmingham, if ever I heard one. Up for auction in May is one of the finest works of a Birmingham maker of Victorian spy camera s, Lancaster & Son (1835-1939). The ‘Lancaster Ladies Watch Camera’ can be yours for a shade over £15,000, if […]

Photoshop CS3 is shipping – Adobe press release

Yeeehaaa! Photoshop CS3 is now shipping via the Adobe online shop, along with the entire CS3 Creative Suite… ” Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of …” Those in the UK may want to wait before buying, given the exchange rate and buy mail-order from the USA after the 20th April, saving around […]

Birmingham to Paris by direct? train

Interesting; Birmingham to Paris by Eurostar, in four hours, possibly even using a direct “through” train. Although it sounds like it’ll be Birmingham to St. Pancras via a Midland Mainline (ugh!) service, change onto a Eurostar then go from St. Pancras to Paris. Not quite as exciting as being on a direct-service non-stop Eurostar as […]

Strange Maps

Strange Maps, a new(ish) weblog featuring eccentric or unusual maps from around the internet.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

A new site for Polish fantastic artist Zdzislaw Beksinski (1929-2005) (Flash-only, but for once it’s worth the navigation-hassle and waiting). [ Hat-tip: Drawn ]

Manga Mania

A YouTube archive of a 50-minute South Bank Show special (that’s a highbrow arts programme, for those unfamiliar with British TV) about Manga Mania, taking a serious look at manga and anime in Japan.


The latest edition of Sheffield’s GO steampunk is a grassroots exploration of why young creatives leave or stay in a provincial British city. That particular issue of GO is not online yet, but is promised shortly. In the meantime click the tiny “fanzine” link in the sidebar to get the last ten issues in full.

Take the phone for a walk

Digital Urban demonstrates the real-world integration of a new GPS-enabled mobile phone with Google Earth, and in doing so raises the horrible prospect of British train-spotters creating sprawling new empires among the Google Earth layer sets. More usefully, this phone has potential for the mass tracking and mapping of natural walking routes through cities (natural […]

Koi no Mon

Ahahaaa; another movie about nerds. Koi no Mon (‘Otakus In Love’, Japan 2004) gets rave reviews, and apparently it’s even better than the wonderful Train Man. The film is about two eccentric otaku manga (comic) artists who fall in love. The Region 1 DVD of Koi no Mon has English subtitles, but the only way […]

Zine documentary

As long-time readers may know, I’m a fan of research, documentaries and fiction about nerds and eccentrics — yes, you remember; the socially-impaired folks who built all those bits of hardware, software and culture-ware that now power your world. For some strange reason there’s very little of this material, so it’s nice to find out […] is a useful weblog, making visual artists aware of art fairs or similar events that may not be legitimate.

Dynamics 07 International Puppet Festival

In May 2002 I suggested on D’log that the redundant BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham might profitably become an international centre for puppetry skills, with a dedicated puppet theatre and an annual festival. It didn’t happen (it was demolished, and the site is now fallow), but now — Birmingham gets the biggest puppetry festival […]


Mmm… a new comic book about fandom, comics fans to be specific. The Pulse interviews the creators of the four-part SubCulture comic, the first-issue of which is due May 07… “Let’s face it — we’re a curious group of folks. We have a lot of mannerisms and behavioral patterns that certainly go against the norm. […]

The micro compact home

A £50,000 micro-home (inc. delivery and installation), and apparently it’s so small that it doesn’t even require planning permission. Although the FAQ says £50,000, oddly the site says ‘max. 34,000 Euros’ on the How to buy page, which translates to around £23,000. Another case of rip-off Britain? Interesting possibilities in regard to combining this with […]