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Hereford Photography Festival 07

It seems we may have dates for the Hereford Photography Festival 07, although the official site is still in 2006. But Hereford’s arts centre, The Courtyard, says: 28th Sep 2007 until 27th Oct 2007. It’ll be the second festival under the stewardship of the former head of The Photographer’s Gallery, Paul Wombell.

Unseen UK

In the same mould as Mass Observation, John Grierson and Daniel Meadows, Stephen Gill asked Royal Mail posties to use disposable camera s to create a mass document of everyday life in the British Isles at a particular moment. The result was 20,000 pictures and a 240-picture book Unseen UK which was published about a […]

Jigsaw Cities

A timely new book-length study of what passes for regeneration in British cities; Jigsaw Cities: Big Places, Small Spaces. The four-year study “uses Birmingham as a case study”, and results in a devastating and detailed attack on the government’s Sustainable Communities Plan. Unlike similar reports, it also has two final chapters that outlines strategies for […]

The Last Days of The British Underground

The Guardian puffs the ICA’s forthcoming exhibition: The Secret Public: The Last Days of The British Underground, 1978-1988. Which does indeed sound like a fascinating contribution to the cultural history of that time; but it’ll be interesting to see what’s included and what’s excluded. It sounds as though it might have a rather biased metropolitan […]

Photography: A Very Short Introduction

I’m currently half-way through an excellent 160-page book from Oxford University Press, Photography: A Very Short Introduction. I highly recommend it, and just wish I’d got to it in time to put it on a recent student reading-list. You may be pleased to hear that there’s no entry for ‘Susan Sontag’ in the index. I […]

The joy of earplugs

The subtle pleasure of the humble earplug, a “philosophical iPod”.

Ron Turner

A fine new Flickr set of scans of the covers of 1950s and early 60s sci-fi pulp novels and annuals, by British artist Ron Turner [ Hat-tip: Drawn ]. This is the same Ron Turner who later did comic art for 2000AD, and some of his interior work can be seen here. There’s also a […]

David Trulli

Eerie 1950s pulp sci-fi moods, caught on scratchboard art by David Trulli.

£6.4 million for the Custard Factory

News just in. Advantage West Midlands boosts the Custard Factory creative industries cluster, to the tune of a headline-figure of £6.4 million, adding an extra 110 units by New Year 2008.


I’m not sure where this new experiment of mine ‘came from’; it certainly isn’t a ‘usual style’ for me. Perhaps it’s just the effect of being exposed to wall-to-wall Banksy coverage in the media. But I thought I’d throw it out there. The board was on the side of a factory in Digbeth, the crow […]

Far and wide

Fifty-five fine examples of illustrated travel posters, from the golden age of travel, selected by the Los Angeles Library. Several are from the British Isles. It struck me the other day that fine hand-made illustration would be a real eye-catcher in advertising today, but it rarely seems to be used. [ Hat-tip: GMT+9 ]

Face it

The New York Crimes, on how portraiture is changing in response to digital media (I get the full-text article, but it’s possible you may get a subscribe! block). Specifically artists taking the approach first pioneered by Steiglitz with his 300 portraits of Georgia O’Keefe, plus the many others who came later, and moving it into […]

Baskerville stone

I spotted a nice new tribute to John Baskerville in Birmingham, today…


LensCulture publishes a listing of sixty-four classic Japanese photography monographs. Why 64? It may be just coincidence, but the ancient I Ching has 64 hexagrams. Which would actually be a nice play-on-words — since “ching!” is what you could make a cash register do, if you were to own any one of these highly-collectable books.

Abyssinian goldfish is a new little portal that aggregates local RSS feeds and event feeds, all related to the creative industries in Birmingham. D’log‘s main uber-feed is plugged into it, but they should really just be taking those posts tagged “Birmingham”. Because if I blog about Abyssinian goldfish, it’ll presumably show up there. It seems the […]


If you hadn’t had enough of selling art shows last weekend, Birmingham now provides… even more. aa-rt offers “exhibitors of the imagination” at the Custard Factory on 24th-25th March 07. And just opened today, also at the Custard Factory, is the small Melt group-show which runs from 19th-25th March 07; it’s especially worth seeing for […]

Zap! Bam! Sshhh!

UCE’s eBase is running an event called “Zap! Bam! Kerplow! Making an impact with graphic novels” at the Light House in Wolverhampton, July 07. It’s about how librarians and others can best work with graphics novels. [ Hat-tip: Nunovo ]

Northern Exposure sixth season

Oooh nice… the sixth and final season of TV series Northern Exposure is out on DVD.

Art School Class

I must have missed this one; Grayson Perry in The Times at the end of February 07, on London arts schools as class-ridden ghettos… “The University of the Arts London, which comprises six of the most highly regarded arts schools in the country, is in danger of turning into a white, middle-class, female ghetto.” … […]

Designing money

The British Design Week magazine has released its 2007 Salary Survey, and a potted digest of employment trends in UK design.