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MMmm, chocolate dalek!

To celebrate Dr. Who being back on the BBC (tonight it was rhino-creatures vs. a vampire on the moon) you could… erm, knit your own dalek, or just make a chocolate dalek, or even make a dalek pumpkin. Oh dear, oh dear; what would the hardcore Dalek Builder’s Guild say? Me, I’m waiting for someone […]

Paul Raymond Gregory

For twenty-five years the Midlands artist Paul Raymond Gregory has been working on a series of monumental canvases depicting fellow-Midlander J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, specifically the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Previously shown by Sotherby’s, the Barbican, and at the Edinburgh Festival, his paintings are now being shown together in […]

Glowing with community pride

Well, there’s an interesting career-move… In an exclusive [ video ] interview with The Stirrer, she [ Sylvia King, former head of The Public arts organisation ] reveals that she’s been working for the nuclear waste agency Nirex. … She’s using the experience gained on some of the most deprived estates in Europe to talk […]

Even more on the arts cuts

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. More on the arts cuts… “Artists, actors and musicians all over the country will discover this week that the biggest grants scheme for arts projects has been slashed by the Arts Council by a third, from £83 to £54 million. The move, which comes without any advance warning, is […]

More on the arts cuts

Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph arts columnist, on government funding and cuts to the arts.

“On the net, no-one knows you’re a dog”

Weird; on 12th March I gave a guest lecture about trends in games, and why academics should be involved in studying them. In one slide — related to the need to have a wider range of academic disciplines study games — I pointed to early experiments in gaming against animals and experiments in thought-controlled games, […]

Poor creatives

The annual Households Below Average Income report, for the government’s Department for Work & Pensions has been published. “The number of working-age adults without children in relative poverty is at its highest level since comparable records began in 1961.” So artists, designers and writers — being generally poor, as always — are in the front […]

Google Whale

…well, almost. A life-sized whale, inside a Flash interface that loads picture sections as you move around the whale. [ Hat-tip: Jack Nack at Adobe ]

Google Birmingham

Just released by Google Earth today; Birmingham in new higher-resolution imagery. Below is a half G.Earth-size ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’, the fountain/sculpture outside the Council House. The new photography seems to be very late-afternoon aerial photography (before it was at about 2pm), since tall buildings now cast very deep shadows. Judging by the absence of […]

The WoW factor

Most amusing; “My life as a bearded dwarf”… “My inner self, it turns out, is a beefy ginger dwarf, one with a huge beard. He is who I [a female] want to be. … We sit down at the table and spend the next 20 minutes discussing what we’d like to see in WoW to […]

International Symposium on Surrealism

The 5th International Symposium on Surrealism is to be held on 4th-6th May 07, in Chichester, England. It… “…takes as its guiding theme, Living in Surrealism, and attempts to draw close to the experience of everyday life as perceived by the surrealists themselves as well as by others sensitive to a specifically surrealist approach to […]

SF cities

BLDGBLOG has a long illustrated post, plus thoughtful musings, on how science-fiction has imagined cities, and particularly architecture in cities. It serves as a trailer for a symposium (U.S.A., May 07) that’s being organised on the subject.

Robert Crumb retrospective

Joy and Jesse managed to get a slew of photographs from inside the launch of the new Robert Crumb retrospective, before being thrown out by security guards.

Giant sundial

A video of Mont St. Michel, the island-town in northern France, turned into a giant sundial.

Kim Keever

NY Arts, on Kim Keever’s fish-tank landscapes. There’s a picture gallery on her dealer’s site.

The new ring-tone?

Looking at the new and booming Twitter service, I was wondering; what if you did not need to manually send a text message? What if your location-aware mobile phone did it for you; “telling” Twitter where you are, what you had just paid for with PayPal Mobile in a cafe, and what the weather/traffic was […]

Cheltenham Spa

Cheltenham Spa train station, this afternoon…

Initial Access

Initial Access, the ‘Saatchi gallery of the North Midlands’. It’s on a Staffordshire industrial estate, just outside Wolverhampton. The first major exhibition opens Friday 30th March 07, and then runs from 31st March until 26th July 07. It’ll be followed by three major exhibitions a year… “The Frank Cohen Collection is one of the largest […]

D’log up again

Apologies for the absence of D’log over the entire weekend. I suspect a DNS propagation error, since I could get into the site by using FTP, but not through a web browser. It’s seems to be back to normal now.

Comic Abstraction

I had high hopes when I heard of a recently opened show at MOMA New York titled Comic Abstraction: image-making, image-breaking (Flash-only site). Sadly, it’s not a historical survey of original art by comic artists who have radically “broken the mould” of the panel-based comic grid since the 1970s, but rather a tiny show of […]