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Arts graduates’ earnings

A new study (PDF, 700kb) by PricewaterhouseCoopers and London Economics suggests that male arts graduates with good A-levels… “…are likely to earn 4 per cent less over their lifetimes than if they had decided not to go to university” Interesting, but I think we need to see more robust analysis. Which arts degrees, from Fine […]

Rotten borough

Unexpected news headlines today from the BBC… “Stoke-on-Trent City Council is rated as the worst performing in the country, according to the Audit Commission.” …unexpected, that is, only if you were a Stoke resident who’d been living down a pit-shaft in total darkness for the last few years. Apparently the city council is even worse […]

Steampunk androids

A major academic conference on androids during the years 1789 to 1914.

Collected Works of Ivor Cutler?

You know, as we come around to the first full year after the death of Ivor Cutler, I’m thinking that we really need a proper Collected Works of Ivor Cutler boxed set. In the meantime, last summer there was the DVD Looking For Truth With A Pin which contains an excellent 55-minute documentary, and Cutler’s […]

April Young

The delightfully-named April Young is a ceramic sculptor based in Stoke-on-Trent, who makes strange half-human half-animal mythic creatures. (Flash-only site)

Alice in the Cartoon Museum

The London Cartoon Museum is to stage Alice in Sunderland: A Labyrinth of Dreams (5th Apr – 1st Jul 07), an exhibition of original artwork from the forthcoming major graphic novel by Bryan Talbot. The book is due for release on 5th April, and Talbot will be signing copies at Birmingham’s Nostalgia and Comics shop […]

QCs for art

The Times has a little comment about London law firms sponsoring commercial art shows… “Law firms are now prime sponsors of the visual arts and, on the same evening as the NPG launch, Collyer Bristow opened its latest exhibition, Northern Light, featuring Nordic glass, ceramics, painting and tapestries in its gallery in Bedford Row. According […]

On comics fans

Kevin Church lets whining comics fans feel the sharp edge of his tongue. Towards the end he also hints at the effect of BitTorrent on the industry and the shops, although doesn’t state it outright… “I know that I’ve already got six decades of superhero stories to read at my leisure. I don’t need any […]

Penny arcade machines

A long illustrated history of vintage/antique penny arcade machines, with a list of types and individual games (each with photos and flyers). It strikes me that there are a number of ideas here which might be adapted by artists and interactive designers. Donkey Wonder will Solve Your Problems (a fortune teller box, 1891/2).

Arts Cancel

Ivan Hewett breaks cover in The Daily Telegraph and calls for the abolition of the Arts Council, after the Council’s publication of a series of new long-term policy documents, documents that essentially dig hasty trenches into which to jump when the Treasury’s arts cuts fall (possibly a 5% cut every year until 2011). And these […]

Arthur Tress

Arthur Tress’s Dream Collector series from the early 1970s. More pictures from the series here (a few are poor scans) and here and here. I’d seen a few of Tress’s pictures years ago, singly and in art magazines, but hadn’t remembered them in relation to neu-real and then flagged him as an obvious neu-real pioneer […]

PDF avalanche!

The good-looking new PDF lists the free (yes, free) PDF magazines in art & design that are now pouring forth around the world. I keep mentioning the odd one or two here on D’log, but obviously it’s now about to become a full time job keeping up with them. PDF doesn’t seem to […]

Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

Take a trip inside the snowdomes, with Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz and their tiny little model people.

“We’ve moved to Wales!”

The West Midlands; so scary that even the ghost-hunters flee…

Watergate Bay

A wonderful BBC Radio 4 Open Country documentary this week, one of the best I’ve heard in years of documentaries from that programme, and surely now due some kind of radio award. It’s a 30-minute programme about Watergate Bay in winter, a place near Newquay in Cornwall. Currently available for listening to over the net, […]


A happy marriage of Photoshop , origami, your new colour laser-printer, and those little cut-out people you used to get on the back of cereal packets (back in the days when companies wouldn’t be sued for persuading kids to play with scissors); Readymech. Pit them against the micro-Dalek armies. Get reinforcements at Custom Toy Lab.

Surreal Digital Photography 2

Regular readers will know I’m starting to learn more about advanced photocompositing. So my ears perked up when I heard there’s to be a sequel to the DIY Photoshop book Surreal Digital Photography (2004)… Naturally enough, it’s to be called Surreal Digital Photography 2. It’ll be CS3-friendly and will be published in June 07… Surreal […]

Ph.D. in blogging

Get paid to blog about arts & humanities sites, for Oxford University. For 20 hours per week. Sadly they specify the candidate must have a Ph.D. — which rules me out.

Contemporary Daguerreotypes

Contemporary Daguerreotypes, and how to make them chemically. Lethal fumes, chemicals that corrode metal instantly, expensive silver plates. Thank goodness for Photoshop . The photogravure fans, who also provide the recipes to make them, are over here.

Magazines in motion

Many newspapers and magazines now come with a free DVD, or the offer of one. But now some magazines are junking the dead tree, and offering everything on a DVD. The International Herald Tribune on new “DVDs with a magazine’s content”.