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Pay per spray

It’s appears to be the cash-out moment for graffiti artists and Banksy acolytes.

Jan Saudek gets his own gallery

Excellent news; veteran Czech art-photographer Jan Saudek now has his own dedicated permanent gallery for his work, right in the centre of Prague.

New Kate Oakley paper

Any new academic paper by Kate Oakley is welcome. And the clear-eyed and pithy lead paper (“Include Us Out — Economic Development and Social Policy in the Creative Industries”) in the latest issue of Cultural Trends is an especially useful read. Oakley attempts to cut the Gordian knot that is the current tangling of cultural […]

Robots invade B’ham Uni.

Lego! Robots! Er… Birmingham! Tomorrow sees the finals of the UK national autonomous lego robots contest, in the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham.

The Sartorialist

A fab blog with a fab name: The Sartorialist spots and then photoblogs elegance in continental-European / New York / London street fashion, Happily, they range far wider than just photos of ‘yoof’.

Katherine Dyke

Katherine Dyke has put her ‘Escape’ series online, which are disarming photographs of small models that she’s made. The layout of the page showing her series of ladders and props is novel; note that the ladders in each picture form a single ladder that threads through the photographs on the page.

Christa Parravani

Christa Parravani’s ‘Spoon River’ series; staged photographs that are in the general territory of “Old Weird America meets Justine Kurland”.

The Owl Door

I’ve been trying to inculcate the Photoshop techniques for making a composited picture. This is my second experimental attempt. It’s rather primitive and certainly rather cliched (adding the owl was probably a mistake). All the original photographs were made by me; the owl in Lincolnshire, the door in Spain; the trees and bank in Stoke-on-Trent. […]

Wood engravings

A new online hi-res database of Victorian wood engravings went live today with 868 images, courtesy of Cardiff University.

A brush with the popular

The Japan Times reports on the opening and prospects for the new Y35bn National Art Centre, and finds it’s been booked solid by local painting associations through to 2008… “There are literally hundreds of these groups in Japan, most rigidly hierarchical with the elders acting as teachers in traditional-style painting. … Long-accustomed to showing on […]


Oh dear; it looks like even the local F.E. college doesn’t want to touch the c/PLEX (aka ‘the Public’) arts building in West Bromwich… “Sandwell Council had hoped that Sandwell College could occupy a large part of the Public in West Bromwich … But college bosses have said they are no longer interested and the […]

Unrequited love

Libby Purves writes on unrequited love, in today’s Times… “Hopeless, inactive, unrequited love was once a staple of literature and song, and it is only recently that it has gone out of fashion. Somehow it drifted off the radar of the popular Western imagination, driven into the wilderness by the brisk forces of modernity.”

Ice Pool

(large version, 220kb)

Sperm Cube

The Sperm Cube; conceptual art that really is wank. All in the cause of art, of course. Artist Philippe Meste is coping valiantly with filling the cube, but he may need some assistance. Donor kits are now available.

William Pye

A nicely-timed discovery for the cold-snap we’re having in England; Lancashire-based William Pye’s many water sculptures are documented in his new 2006 web-site.

Jonathan Quinn

Jonathan Quinn is making interesting and somewhat claustrophobic pictures at the surface of the sea. And his site doesn’t use a bl**dy Flash portfolio, hurrah! So many photographers insist on using Flash throughout their sites. Which usually means tricksy non-standard navigation with tiny buttons and a tiny font, no indexing on Google Images (the first […]


Gregory Crewdson has a new portfolio, featuring entrancing b&w photographs of fireflies, apparently made in 1996/7. They appear, finely reproduced, in the current Blind Spot magazine. The only online copies are in the gallery of Skarstedt Fine Art, which has small 350-pixel wide copies of the pictures — but they look terrible at that size, […]

The Parrot in Art

It was good to see that the Barber has invested in several prime-site static posters in Birmingham, for their new The Parrot in Art. The poster below was at the bottom of Corporation St. There were others up near Gosta Green. They obviously think it’s going to be a major crowd-puller. There will also be […]

Luminaries & Visionaries

Luminaries & Visionaries is the third major show to open (18th Jan 07) at the new Kinetica museum in London. There’s an extensive series of talks by the artists involved.

Birmingham Mountain Film Festival

So, you’re trolling through Birmingham city centre and you suddenly start humming… “climb every mount…a…i…n!” As you do. But then you look around, and the highest pinnacles are the Rotunda and the Post Office Tower. Annoying, eh? Now you can relieve your mountain climbing impulses with the first ever Birmingham Mountain Film Festival. Yes, a […]