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Loving Larrikin

So what’s been on the D’log playlist in 2006? The Pet Shop Boys returned to favour with their Together album, prompting me to put their entire works on shuffle; the Guillemots‘ “Made Up Love Song” track; sundry early Numan and lots of obscure bits of early British electropop; early Kraftwerk; Rufus Wainwright; some pre-“Belldog” Eno; […]

Give Wikipedia an Xmas present

Wikipedia is running a donations appeal, and (for today only) all donations are being matched ‘$ for $’ by an anonymous donor. Now’s the time to call up your PayPal account and donate to Wikipedia.

Alan Moore on pornography

British graphic-novel genius Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Albion, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bojeffries Saga, etc.) has a 14,000-word illustrated article on pornography, “Bog Venus vs. The Nazi Cock-Ring: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography”, in the latest issue of Arthur magazine. Issue 25 of Arthur has a free PDF version online (scroll down to the foot […]

Art Rabbit

Art Rabbit, a new UK metablog about contemporary art. The content is distinctly sparse at present — wrapped around what seems to be generic RSS feeds of UK art listings — but it looks good and at least has some promise. How unlike the homelife of our own drear Arts Council England.[ Hat-tip: CoxSoft ]


The Arts Council has released figures for grants to individuals. Interesting reading. During the year April 05 to Mar 06, the whole of Staffordshire (inc. the city of Stoke-on-Trent) saw a mere £20,188 given in grants to individual artists. The total for the West Midlands as a whole during the period was £759,700; of which […]

A window on Szarkowski

The L.A. Weekly talks pictures with John Szarkowski… “The basic material of photographs is not intrinsically beautiful. It’s not like ivory or tapestry or bronze or oil on canvas. You’re not supposed to look at the thing, you’re supposed to look through it. It’s a window.”

Flash music

A new D’log page for my recent music tracks. The music is streamed to an embedded “in-the-page” Flash player. More tracks will be added soon.

Flash art

Nice to see that the Hayward Gallery has put the Arts Council collection online. Although it’s a Flash-only site, and one that takes four minutes to load the front page over an 8mb/s connection. I thought that the Arts Council had rigorous accessibility guidelines for web sites?

The blank canvas

Sebastian Smee, writing in The Australian, has a long article that muses on why critics and academics seem so wary of artists… “Those who presume to make it their job to write or talk about art are often embarrassed by the messiness of artistic creation. Indeed, there is a great deal about making art that […]

Francesca Woodman

The Denver Post on the photography of Francesca Woodman.

Some volk

Film director Wim Wenders on the crisis in European culture, and the consequent need for Europe to reclaim the “cultural battlefield” by taking advantage of European culture’s “emotional potential” — which can best be achieved by “articulating our own myths” via the “weapon” of cinema. There’s some obligatory crude (and implicitly anti-semitic) anti-Americanism, when Wenders […]

Comics, books

The Philadelphia Inquirer reviews two weighty new book anthologies of alt-comics; one historical, and one the Pekar-edited ‘best of 2006’.

Gower Review

A useful look at what the Gower Review proposals might mean for photographers.


Some modern painters. Some more modern painters. How much of this will be hanging in public galleries in 2030? Almost none, I’ll bet.

“ICON do that”

Icon magazine airs some of the /cough/ “issues” hovering around the London Design Festival. is a new beta site that’s sort of ‘YouTube meets games trailers’. But with the vital addition of content made by fans and fan-journalists; such as video walkthroughs and in-game strategy videos. It works fine, and you get the chance to download a copy of the full video to your hard-drive. Although there’s not […]


Right, that’s the Christmas presents shopping done, all via Amazon. A nice black Swiss Army Knife, Chessmaster v.10, and the England in Particular book should all last a bit longer than the Xmas turkey. The thought-controlled robots were out of stock. Should I have spent more? Probably not; timely research claims that the children of […]

Spaghetti Junction

Imagine Spaghetti Junction as a classic Japanese landscape painting. [ Hat-tip: Bldgblog ]

The fat lady sings…

Norman Lebrecht does some calculations about which of the arts megafauna may be lost in the coming arts-funding cuts. Say goodbye to the English National Opera. Meanwhile, even the implicitly local ‘community arts’ sector looks set to be diluted; M.P. and Culture Minister David Lammy recently suggested the need to… “stretch the content of the […]

Photoshop CS3

Details of some of the new features in Photoshop CS3, probably due for retail release in summer 2007. Adobe Labs are due to release a time-limited CS3 beta tomorrow.