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The 385 square-miles photo

If you live in the West Midlands, this summer your back garden was photographed in all its glory… “captured at 5cm [the photography] is of an exceptional quality, providing a highly detailed view of the world with road markings and street furniture clearly visible.” Parts of the West Midlands in Google Earth could certainly use […]

Why nerds are unpopular

Uber-nerd Paul Graham on why nerds are unpopular… “Nerds serve two masters. They want to be popular, certainly, but they want even more to be smart. And popularity is not something you can do in your spare time. … An American teenager may work at being popular every waking hour, 365 days a year … […]

Not a lottery

As if the likely regular arts funding cuts were not enough, now the Arts Lottery funding looks set to be slashed too.

Oblivion as a tool for architects

Proof-of-concept movies that show how we might use game-engines, such as that in the best-selling Oblivion, for real-time pre-build architectural visualisation. It’s a series of postings from the fab University of London DDE blog.

The rebel hell

Waldemar Januszczak checks the rebel-ometer at The Baltic Centre… “the exhibition gathers together graffiti-sprayers, skateboarders, pornographers, pyromaniacs, tattoo-lovers and comic fans from around the world, and lets them loose on that gigantic loft by the Tyne that is the Baltic Centre … everyone is trying to be rebellious. Everyone is exuding attitude. And everyone should, […]

“EU, Jimmy!”

Is the British job-hopping freelancing culture soon to be curbed by new EU rules?


Glowlab is experimenting with fab mashups between psychogeographic practices and new mobile/light technologies. [ Hat-tip: Lee Jones. ]

The Economy of Culture in Europe

Just released by European Commission mandarins, a 355-page slab of a report on The Economy of Culture in Europe (PDF, 4.5mb). It looks as though it has some rather useful chapters. Although, unsurprisingly, it begins by stating that: “Statistical tools are not appropriate and available statistics are scarce. Statistical tools do not enable the cultural […]

Enterprising women

The Spectator, on the rise of the new wave of technology-enabled home-based businesses, run by women… “… none of the women I have spoken to have had any benefit from government grants or expertise. In fact, their experience in that area has been wholly negative. “˜The red tape is far worse now than it was […]

Henry Jenkins talks to Gamasutra

Henry Jenkins on the video games industry, the shift from artisan production to studio production, games as art, and the community-producer blend in the ‘not-really-a-game’ Second Life… “I have long felt that the term, ‘game’, is both enabling and crippling. We have a tendency right now to describe all forms of digital entertainment as games. […]

Home Hub heave-ho

I got so fed up with the BT broadband Home Hub today, that went out and bought a replacement for it. My new £59.99 Belkin FSD7632-4 ADSL modem/router works fine. It’s had rock-solid connectivity for hours now, connecting to the BT Total Broadband 8mb/s service. So my broadband problem was clearly due to the BT […]

Total Broadband Fiasco

Ugh; my 8mb/s BT Total Broadband is turning out to be a total waste of time, with my complete connectivity blackouts having now increased to every eight to ten minutes. Let’s hope that hacking the BT Home Hub might lead to a way to install some open-source firmware on it. It’s either that, or (since […]

Gadget/techie stuff I’d like for Christmas

Gadget/techie stuff I’d like for Christmas: 1. A small handheld device that will play Powerpoint shows (including embedded video and audio files) out to a standard VGA digital projector, thus effectively replacing a laptop. 2. A proper radio aerial for the kitchen radio. 3. A pocketable HD camcorder. 4. Brian Eno’s new generative screensaver, 77 […]

Jam Studies

The logical conclusion of a certain strand of Cultural Studies, and its desire to annexe every other discipline, invade Poland, etc.:- Jam Studies. No, that’s not ‘jam’ as in music jamming, but ‘jam’ as in the fruity gloop we spread on toast… “M/C – Media and Culture is calling for contributors to the ‘jam’ issue […]


As usual, this is a triptych made from ‘straight’ photography, with no Photoshop filters used… (large version, 190kb)

Nerd lit.

A new book-length contribution to the tiny amount of worthwhile literature on nerds and geeks; She’s such a geek: Women Write About Science, Technology, and Other Nerdy Stuff. Online is a copy of the original call for material, and it seems the original subtitle was: “An Anthology by and for Women Obsessed with Computers, Science, […]

Lulu printing in the UK

This sounds good; at last have found themselves a UK printer, although it’s uncertain if the printer is actually fully ‘on stream’ yet. A UK printer will mean, as noted in a Lulu announcement at the end of October, that… “With the new UK printer, you will no longer have to wait for weeks […]

Shanty Houses of Britain

A free book chapter, on “The Shanty Houses of Britain”.

Will blog for cash

The Economist, no less, notices the phenomenon of bloggers making money from their blogs. Sadly, I doubt that the 500 unique D’log readers I get each day are going to arouse the interest of advertisers.

BT broadband after four months

My considered conclusion on BT 8mb/s broadband, after four months of use? The service is not ready for IP telephony, house security systems, or IPTV. The reason? Such services will require rock-solid 24/7/365 connectivity for a mass consumer roll-out, but in my experience BT’s 8mb/s connectivity is just too unreliable. I’m currently lucky to get […]