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The beauty of the human-made nanosphere. Even more beautiful when you consider that these objects are potentially the components of new nano- motors, tools and devices.


There’s another new book that details the ways in which the U.S. counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s strongly influenced the entrepreneurship of personal computing. Following the Spring 2006 book What the Dormouse Said, this new book examines the influence of Stewart Brand and his classic ‘Whole Earth Catalog’s — catalogs that I was […]

Mobile to Webile

An interesting report on the “Communities dominate brands” blog, on the extent to which collaborative web communities are migrating onto mobile phones and similar devices. It’s claimed that it’s a market already worth, in one form or another, over $3-billion.

Trent Parke

Just the thing for Halloween; the spooky black-and-white photos of Trent Parke. Gallery 1; Gallery 2; Gallery 3.

Heavy Petting

Fab; a 330-page slab of Pet Shop Boys designs and graphics, in the shape of a new Thames & Hudson coffee-table book.

Arts and Culture in Reneneration

A useful 37-page literature-review of academic research on Arts and Culture in Regeneration (PDF, 240kb), issued in August 2006… “The contemporary literature on culture’s contribution to regeneration begs some important questions. If cultural activity does have a positive role to play in the process of regeneration, are certain types of cultural activity and certain types […]


A new location-aware GPS-CS1 camera device from Sony, for about £100. A Digit review says the device comes with Microsoft GPS Image Tracker 1.0, and thus… “It should work on any digital camera that outputs JPG images with EXIF 2.1 standard metadata.” Basically, it tells you at which spot on the earth a photo was […]

New photo

(large version, 240kb)

The taxman cometh…

There’s a quiet tussle going on in some major governments about the taxation of transactions in virtual worlds. The South Koreans, who have a huge number of ‘online world’ citizens, are also looking into the possibilities of taxation. Germany is introducing an internet access tax (disguised as a ‘licence fee’) on Jan 1st 2007. If […]

Ellen Kooi

Uncanny new postromantic landscapes from Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi. No book, yet.


My 5,000-word draft of British Photography: towards a brief historical outline is now in draft version 1.5. (PDF, 55kb). Comments and corrections are welcome.

The final cut

14,000 images of ancient stone carvings from around the British Isles.

Entrepreneurship Education for the Creative Industries

The Higher Education Academy will be publishing a research report in Nov 06, on Creating Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship Education for the Creative Industries. Sign up to be e-mailed a free PDF copy of the report. This may well be useful reading, ahead of the Creativity or Conformity: building cultures of creativity in higher education conference in […]

It’s strange up north

My prejudices confirmed; read about the dreadful fate that awaits those who take a job north of Crewe station.

Arts Cancel

Norman Lebretch on the looming and very real possibility of the abolition of the Arts Council… “Most of its tasks could easily be reallocated – the 15 national companies to the Department of Culture, the political lobbying to the National Campaign for the Arts. … This latest cull is not the final curtain for the […]

Solid gold

Fab; an affordable ‘print your own jewellery’ bureau. Make an object in 3D modelling software, upload the file, then a few days later the postman brings you a real-world version in either silver or gold. Prototype a ring in plastic for about £50 inc. postage.

Up, down, up, down

My apologies for D’log being very slow or intermittently unavailable, from Sunday afternoon. It’s now Friday, and the problem is still ongoing. This is due to the same hosting-service problems as before.

Tuesday morning cycle ride

HD photojournalism

Dirk Halstead, editor of Digital Journalist, is reported to have told this year’s Visa pour l’image event that he forsees a time soon when all photojournalists will shoot on 16×9 high-definition digital-video camera s, and choose the ‘decisive moment’ frames later. As a by-product, he sees a time when print magazines will be bound ‘on […]

Louviere + Vanessa

Wow — superbly strange and beautiful photography from Louviere + Vanessa site; and lots of it. (Flash-only site)