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Platinum in Brum

Nice, if you can afford it. Coming up soon in Birmingham; a four-day masterclass in making platinum jewellery.


A little colony of D’log blog buttons has appeared in the left-hand sidebar.

Amazon links

My choice of deliciously nerdy / creative / timely Amazon UK items can now be found adorning D’log. Scroll down and look in the right-hand sidebar. Now, you know your iPod could use that nice fold-out solar recharger…

Multiplayer for Oblivion

It had to happen; an alpha proof-of-concept multiplayer patch for Oblivion.

Leaf it alone

Published June 2006, for free, the Ancient Tree Guide: Trees in historic parks and landscape gardens. (PDF, 400kb). The 12-page colour booklet is for landscape designers and gardeners, owners and property managers, and is about nurturing the air of antiquity and spirit-of-place that ancient trees give to the historic landscape of the British Isles.


What’s a “stumpery”? It’s a garden art-form that can be experienced at the excellent Biddulph Grange gardens near Stoke-on-Trent, and — thanks to a tourist visit there — they now also have a stumpery in the USA too.


Stunning news just in from Inside Housing, about the Sandwell arm of the government-funded programme to send bulldozers into selected inner-city areas… “Birmingham Sandwell’s housing market renewal pathfinder has performed so badly that the Audit Commission warned that it could put the reputation of the entire national programme at risk. In a draft report published in error […]


Renew your passport now, and avoid ID cards for 10 years. If they haven’t been kiboshed by protests before then.

Creative Leicestershire

Say ‘hi’ to a new creative industries support service for the Midlands, England; Creative Leicestershire.

Nurturing creativity & business

I’ve noticed a worrying tendency recently, that assumes the word “creativity” means a sort of un-criticisable, un-focussed and un-trained personal “self-expression”. Perhaps that’s just the legacy of the ‘all must have prizes’ philistine disaster that was British education in the 1980s and 90s. But such an assumption doesn’t seem likely to afflict two upcoming high-level conferences which focus on strategies for creative small business growth. ‘Nurturing the […]

Scottish National Photography Centre

The possibility of a Scottish National Photography Centre is still alive and kicking.

Not content

The Register has a long and detailed insider-commentary on the coming Content Wars…             “There is a war on its way between telecoms companies and content owners, coming about because of a fundamental lack of understanding between each others’ business models and operational concerns. The battle lines have already been drawn in the US and […]

Inkscape v0.44

I doubt I’ll be installing it before it reaches v1.0, but take a look at the screenshots/features page for the new Inkscape v0.44. Of particular interest is the pen pressure -sensitive ‘node shaping’ of elements within vector drawings.

Goodbye spam, hello 6mb/s

I’m finally making the leap from dial-up to broadband, now that 8mb/s is available on my local exchange. Only one provider had jumped at the chance to offer 8mb/s on my telephone exhange, but were offering it for businesses only. Now British Telecom has just rolled out a tempting wi-fi “home hub” offer, and are suggesting a speed of around 6mb/s for my […]

A new pinball sim for the PC

Long-time readers may remember my nerdy affection for — and small-but-perfectly-formed collection of — that much-neglected old PC gaming genre, the pinball table simulation. It seems the pinsim genre is not entirely dead; niche U.S. developers Framework Studios/Merscom released a new PC pinsim in May 2006, Fastlane Pinball. Sadly, it’s not yet on Amazon (US or UK) and […]

Just the type

I hope they have air conditioning; hundreds of bloggers have gathered in a big real-world room. PBS has an in-depth attendee report.

Playing tag

D’log postings have now been tagged with categories (see that list over on your left), back to September 2004.

Putting the ‘graphic’ in ‘graphic novel’

It’s a comic that’s been 12 years in the making, by a British comic-book star. It weighs in at 240 pages, and retails at £50. It hasn’t even been released, but the pre-orders on Amazon have pushed it to No. 40 in the bestsellers. Yet I suspect that will count for little in red-top tabloid land. Stand by for a silly-season […]

National Academy of Writing launches

The Birmingham-based National Academy of Writing launches tomorrow. Presumably without the presence of John “go far anyway” Alden.


Nice; grab the third issue of Ten4 magazine while you can. Because, strapped to the cover, there’s a DVD with three hours of the best media produced by recent West Midlands talent. Order a copy online here (no PayPal).