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Prepare to meet thy gloom

Prepare to meet thy gloom: English Eccentric Interiors is a new book by Miranda Harrison.

Art Trends 2005

ArtPrice: The ArtPrice Art Market Trends 2005 report is out (PDF, 2.1Mb). Sales-room auction prices continue to boom, but that’s of little interest to most living artists, who contributed only 17 percent of the work sold in auction rooms. The report notes that “In October 2005, photography works in New York had never been so […]

zero marks for e-learning

zero marks for e-learning: An interesting three-page article in this month’s PC Pro magazine. Interactivity expert Kevin Partner examines the wreckage of the great ‘e-learning’ experiment. He writes… “in the experience of most people, e-learning and CBT [computer-based training] are rubbish. The thing is, I agree with them. … In researching for this column, I’ve […]

Free OoO template for Lulu photobook

Temp: Fab; a free Open Office template for a full-bleed 8.5″ x 11″ Lulu photograph book.

Nectar (new photo)

New photo: (large version in the gallery, 90kb)

Draft magazine

Draft: Yet another new British art & design magazine, Draft, devoted to publishing only new previously-unpublished work. I guess the lulu-nomics of such a venture would go something like this… Available in, say, 100 selected bookshops and galleries. There would be no distribution cost, because you would use Lulu’s free ‘supersaver’ international shipping, and thus […]

Impressionist Camera book

Impressionist Camera: Just published, a 350-page book on the Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918.

Northern Exposure season four on DVD

Land of the Free Cheap: The fourth and, arguably, the best series of Northern Exposure is out on DVD in the USA. My 25 episodes are currently winging their way to me across the Atlantic, for a mere $40 (about £21) inc. postage. You can bet that a 25-hour DVD box-set won’t be selling for […]

Allotment sheds for artists

Allotment sheds for artists: There’s been a spate of interest in the humble English shed recently, by artists and designers. But so far as I know, no-one’s gone further and suggested a logical solution to the dearth of allotment diggers and the dearth of affordable studio space. Fit some tough windows into the roofs of […]

Broadband broadens

Broadband broadens: A new eMarketeer report slipped out a few days ago, showing UK broadband installs are nudging the total number of broadband users to the 70 percent mark, a big leap from last November’s Office of National Statistics report which suggested around 57 percent. Dialup is by no means dead, of course, and the […]

New work by Bill Brandt

New work by Bill Brandt: New photographs by Bill Brandt – made in Birmingham during the early years of the war, and rather different than his usual work – go on show today at UCE’s International Project Space in Birmingham. If you can’t get down there to see the show, there’s a book of the […]