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MyCreativity, a Convention of International Creative Industries researchers will be happening 17th-18th Nov 06 in Amsterdam. No web site, yet. Also of note is the UK cultural industries seminar network (there are, apparently, some 230 researchers in UK who have published on aspects on the cultural/creative industries).  Also have a look at the Culture.Mondo network. [tags]creative […]

Creative industries back catalogue

Here’s a link to my past few months of Creative Industries postings. Will they show up on Technorati? Now that the new D’log install is stable, albeit with the layout still very much in beta, this is a test post to see if I can get on their “creative industries tagged” page. (Update: nope, seems not, despite boasts of […]

Porting complete

/touch wood/ It seems the changeover is complete. Obviously there’s now going to be a bit of CSS layout wierdness and leery link-ery while I style the design so it replicates the old table-based D’log. Hold on tight… Meanwhile, enjoy the new RSS 2.0 feed. And the automatic Japanese translation. And the useful category tags for postings, […]

Greymatter to WordPress

Greymatter to WordPress: I’m changing weblog software, in the next 48 hours. From tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be porting D’log (inc. archives) from Greymatter to WordPress. A complete Greymatter v2.0 PHP re-build is in the works, but I’m not prepared to wait another six months and then ride the bugs as it rolls out from beta […]

Henry Wessel

Henry Wessel: Published tomorrow, a new retrospective book by photographer Henry Wessel. All his others are out-of-print and unobtainable even as used books. A large number of examples of his work are available here.

Culture and cash (new Demos pamphlet)

You can tell there’s an arts-slashing Treasury spending review on the way, because the think-tank pamphlets are a-flying. The latest on the arts, and why the taxpayer should fund them, is a rather good one from DEMOS; Cultural Value and the Crisis of Legitimacy … “The ‘cultural system’ faces a crisis of legitimacy. At local […]

Exploding galleries

Exploding galleries: Not only are UK contemporary art and photography magazines flourishing, so are the commercial art galleries of London. Albeit on the back of some rather grey-looking money.

Little Nemo

Little Nemo: A long article on Little Nemo and the current resurgence of interest in the strip. Oddly enough, just two weeks ago I was giving a lecture on the evolution of the various components of the comic strip, which in part used Little Nemo strips. Importantly, the article reports that… “Sunday Press Books has […]


YotoPhoto YotoPhoto is a beta search-engine for creative commons and public-domain stock photography. At the moment it seems very very slow. A search for “mute swan” at +1500px one gave one hit, from Flickr. Which is strange, since Wikimedia offers a super selection of images. But YotoPhoto is a nice idea, and is sure to […]

Think Pink

Think pink: A nice touch; Birmingham’s swish new Selfridges building goes pink for the city’s gay pride fest this weekend.

Photoshop update

Photoshop update: There’s a new Photoshop CS2 update patch available from Adobe .

Little Places redux

Little places redux: Like a strange creative echo of the words I applied to my little places photos only twenty days ago, a new message has appeared on a wall there, just few feet from the spot photographed….

Aural Petting

Heavy Petting: Yum; my copy of the new Pet Shop Boys studio album has arrived from overseas (the 2-CD 20-track special ed.). The reviews all played up the presence of a “‘big Trevor Horn production’ sound”, but it’s very much an album with ‘PSB’ stamped all over the sound. And classic PSB at that. A […]

Ken Rolston retires

Wizard of Oblivion: After the triumph of the Oblivion release, Ken Rolston (developer of Oblivion and Morrowind) has just announced his well-deserved retirement. Interview here.

Malcolm Gladwell gets a blog

Gladblog: Fab; Malcolm Gladwell gets a blog. It’s a tad boring at the moment, but maybe he’ll warm to the medium. I’ve also found (thanks to the excellent Nielsen BuzzMetrics’ BlogPulse engine) a newly-started neighbour blog by someone who can’t be based more than a stone’s throw from where I live.

Flickr fanmeet

Flickr fanmeet: The strange world of a Birmingham Flickr fanmeet. More here.

Designing poverty

Designing poverty:As a variety of reports and books have shown; artists are poor, illustrators are poor, comic-book creators are poor, authors are poor, actors are poor, photographers are poor. Now, designers are poor.

Into The Pixel 06

Into The Pixel: The 2006 ‘Into The Pixel’ competition (creative artists meet video-game engines, have babies) has its gallery populated and online.

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell: Today’s Guardian has a wonderful extract from a new book on artist Joseph Cornell. Also have a look at the excellent earlier in-depth biography called Utopia Parkway, and the Bafta-nominated DVD-ROM The Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell (only available now as part of a book). There’s to be a major Cornell retrospective at […]

Keep British Design Alive

Keep British Design Alive: The Design Council have launched and a detailed new design skills consultation report of its own. It comes the back of the recent NESTA report, showing UK design exports have halved in the last five years, and the Oct 2005 Creative Industries Economic Estimates Statistics Bulletin, which showed zero or […]