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Camera back

Camera back: If only we could do this for Powerpoint slides, we could cheaply junk those laptops for presentations.

Serious Games conference for Birmingham

Serious Games: The International Serious Games conference is to be held in Birmingham in early June 2006.

Shelf stackers (UK games sales)

Shelf stackers: Mmm… fresh news of how well UK games studios rank against overseas competition. Just keep in mind that the annual Develop 100 survey only derives from British retail chart sales of titles in 2005, so it only shows how well British studios play “at home”. On that basis, it shows that British games […]


NESTA egg: A new up-to-date report on the UK creative industries, Creating growth: how the UK can develop world-class creative businesses, is out today. There’s a lot to like in the report. It’s useful in laying out the full scale of the recent job losses across the UK creative industries. Most losses have been in […]

Steyn lines

Steyn lines: Like so many things nowadays, reading Mark Steyn is a dissident activity you can’t do in Britain any more. Thank goodness for the Google News search-box; Mark Steyn on global warming.

Brokeback round the back

Brokeback round the back: Each week for the last couple of years, I’ve gone into my fave Morrisons supermarket. And between the two entrance swing-gates there’s been a neat stand full of that particular week’s featured DVD. This week, the stand was still out – but hidden around the back of a column that stands […]

Hot shorts in Brum

Hot shorts in Brum: Nigel Amson (of Nigel & Sabine fame) is starting a new Film Club for Birmingham-basked makers of short films. Based at the Central Library’s ‘Library Theatre’, there will be twelve screening events over 12 months, starting with the launch on Weds May 10th. There will be (gasp!) free drinks before the […]


PSB: Summer always sounds better with a new Pet Shop Boys studio album. Fundamental is released on 22nd May.

Physics Master

Physics Master: The next card you buy to plug into your PC, will it be a graphics acceleration card? Or a physics acceleration card? Aaron Stanton has an interesting article about the progress towards this. Will leisure gaming lead the way toward a home PC on which ‘serious games’ can assume a huge palette of […]

Headfirst into

Headfirst into… It seems that the Birmingham-based game developer Headfirst Productions studio (Call of Cthulhu, et al) has folded.

First auction of rare photo books

Rare photography books The Financial Times, on the first Christie’s auction of rare photography books.


Wikipod: Wikipedia on an iPod. Yes, all of it. Never engage in tedious “verbal jousting” about facts and trivia again; just ‘look it up’ from the iPod in your pocket. 🙂

Strip Show

Strip Show: Birmingham’s great StripSearch and StripSearch2 courses are holding their grand collective ‘graduation show’ for their new comic artists. The show runs from 17th-30th April 06 at the Custard Factory, B’ham. The launch evening kicks off there at 6pm on 17th April 06. [Hat-tip to: Julian Bull] The MC2 anthology of StripSearch graduates is […]

Phew (family history complete)

Phew! My 40,000-word 200-page family-history book is complete, uploaded to Lulu, and eight print-on-demand copies are winging their way to the UK. Lulu are just about to switch, incidentally, to their new Dutch printer for UK orders.

Business Shrink

Business Shrink: ‘Business support’ quangoes are in for a shock. Buried deep in the footnotes of the recent Budget: the Government will… “reduce the number of business support services from around 3,000 now, to no more than 100 by 2010”. The Government is to focus on those agencies actually providing real return-on-investment – although that […]

Seeds of change

Seeds of change: Flash mob… gardening. Naturally, there’s a good-looking website with a blog on the side.

BBC prog.

BBC: I’ve been zipping around the city with recording equipment for the last few days, making a programme for the BBC. Hopefully, the results will be aired in May.

Broken windows (new photos)

Broken windows: (large version, 180kb) (large version, 180kb) (large version, 160kb) (large version, 190kb)


Oblivion: If you’ve noticed a slowdown in blogging activity by bloggers around the world, and a catastrophic IT nerd shortage, it’s because 80 percent are currently romping around the forests of Oblivion as wood elves and orcs. The other 19 percent are busy creating mods for it. One of the developers explains his (justified) passion […]

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay: I’ve previously blogged about the push to preserve Little Sparta. Now poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, creator of Little Sparta, is to be buried tomorrow. Tributes from The Scotsman (“This article marks the beginning of a new era in Scottish art…”); The Telegraph (a good obituary); The Times (“Ian Hamilton Finlay?s […]