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Final cut

Final cut: Another regional photography venue is to close, following a savage Arts Council funding cut. The Picture House Centre for Photography, at Leicester, is closing for good on 31st March 2006. In the run-up to closure there’s a series of public lectures by David Brittain, Graham Rawle, Audrey Linkman, Barry Lewis and Greg Lucas. […]


Bookscan: Interesting; Neilsen Bookscan has scrutinised recent returns from the UK book market, and claims that 2004 saw a 10-percent increase in revenue from UK-sold art & photography books. Further, that the first two quarters of 2005 saw the UK book trade with a healthy £17-million turnover in art books. As always, the devil’s in […]

Manga Studio v3.0

Comic Studio, English-ed: Japan’s industry-standard Comic Studio software has just been released in a properly-polished English language version, as Manga Studio v3.0. It’s never going to produce a Krazy Kat; but it is, at last, dedicated comic-book production software.

Comic timing

Comic timing: The London Cartoon Museum has just opened. What great comic timing.

Sacred selections / ARTnews

Sacred selections: An interesting new project, Sacred Selections, transcribes a range of modern underground music into the ancient form of pipe-organ music recitals. Oddly enough, ‘the return of the sacred’ is one of the very trends in art identified by the latest ARTnews. Among the other new trends are: Americana Gothic (think Edgar Allen Poe […]

Why are artists poor?

Conference report: The conclusions of the November 05 conference Why are artists poor? can now be downloaded. It has some suitably pithy and concise answers.

cPlex and The Public go bust

Municipal meddling: Front-page headlines in The Express & Star; it seems that cPlex and The Public are in grave financial difficulties, and have appointed administrators. The cPlex web-site has gone AWOL, and there are broken graphics on The Public’s main page; not good signs. New Start reports… “A spokesperson told New Start that ‘trustees were […]


FlashBang: Would you like to toggle all Flash animations “on” & “off”, during web browsing? FlashBang is a nice bit of freeware that stops advertisers clogging your browser with distracting animations. And, while you’re downloading, slap on a coat of passive nanotech mobile-phone blocking paint.

TurnFlash (off)

TurnFlash (off):Oh bliss; a simple little freeware Flash-toggler, TurnFlash.

Jane Brown profile

Jane Brown: The Guardian profiles British photographer Jane Brown, probably best known for her Bjork portraits.