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Laughing Stock gallery

Laughing Stock: nowwashyourhands’s hilarious NWYH Stock Photography gallery.

Laughing Stock gallery

Laughing Stock: nowwashyourhands’s hilarious NYWH Stock Photography gallery.

Rhubarb roams the Midlands

Tasty: Rhubarb is roaming the Midlands.

Shadow arrow (photo)

Shadow arrow: (large version, 110kb)

Sheer composition (photo)

Sheer composition: I was charmed to find this on a little site of scanned anonymous local-history photos, all stained and torn. It’s probably a scan of the only surviving print. I’ve repaired and enlarged it using Photoshop . It’s as if there was a performance by the Birmingham Surrealists of a happening, titled “executioner with […]

C magazine

C++:‘C’, a new photography magazine, launching this week.

Moggie migrations

Moggie migrations: I told you so. A compehensive new genetic study, published in Science, shows that: “in the relatively recent evolutionary past, it [the domestic moggie] was connected and related to species such as the European wild cat”. Connected and related, but not ‘directly descended from’. Therefore, it would seem our native wild cats were […]

Best new fonts of 2005

Typographica: …unveils its choice of the best new typefaces of 2005.

Brummagem gems

Brummagems: Birmingham in the 70s and 80s, an extensive new gallery of photographs, some uploaded only a few days ago. Lots of industrial ruins, inevitably.