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Free blogs

Free blogs: Will the thriving coffee-house dissent of Iranian weblogs help take down the Iranian ayatollahs? (The Times, free reg. required). Let’s hope so — it’s either that, or the Israeli air-force. More from The Telegraph.

Sign age

Sign age: Press this to release the truffle pigs.

Teasel (photo)

Teasel: (large version, 100kb)

Turning Golden

Turning Golden: A intriguing essay in The Guardian by Jonathan Jones, on the links between Turner’s paintings and The Golden Bough.

British Photography

British Photography: My British Photography: towards a brief historical outline is now at draft version 1.0. (PDF link, 130kb)

Ultra-macro with a Pringles tin

Super-macro with a Pringles tin: Fed up with stupidly expensive camera accessories? Time on your hands, over Christmas? has a choice selection of ultra-cheap DIY projects for photographers.

Land Lines II

Land Lines II: There’s to be a new series of Common Ground‘s “Land Lines” on BBC Radio 4. At 1.30pm for six Wednesdays, starting on from 4th January 2006.

In the bleak mid-winter (new photos)

“T’was in the bleak mid-winter…”: (large version, 165kb) (large version, 150kb)

Dusty industries

Dusty industries: Demos Greenhouse has been ferreting deep into the DCMS web-site, and it seems the UK’s creative industries may not have the growth rate they are commonly said to have.

Fujifilm Student Awards

Fuji: The Fujifilm Student Photography Awards are open.

Freelance, as in ‘free’

Freelance, as in ‘free’: The British Journal of Photography reveals an in-depth NUJ survey on the pay rates of freelance photographers. It also reports the use of free student and recent-graduate labour as undermining the market.

The national canvas

The national canvas: Every painting the nation owns, online within six years. They’re already producing the goods, in terms of a series of books. No, it’s not the result of all those all well-funded 1990s ‘digitisation committees’. The PCF is the result of a few people’s passion, a shoestring budget, and a lot of shoeleather. […]

Is that a paint brush in your pocket…?

“Is that a paint brush in your pocket…?” Creative artists have significantly higher active sex drives than ordinary people, says a new report. Or perhaps we’re just inclined to be more boastful.