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3d modelling from photos, new software

Rotate your head: Fascinating, Cambridge University’s Digital Pygmalion software creates 3D models, just by taking a handful of ordinary digital photos of an object in natural light.

Bubble, popped (new movie biz model)

Bubble, popped: Go into a neighbourhood, find locals who’ve never acted before, make a film using Sony 950s without using any extra lighting. Release the subsequent film simultaneously on TV, at the cinemas, and on DVD. Cinemas that show the film may get a cut of the DVD profits. Interesting model, and even more interesting […]

Eye for England (Dave Robbins online memorial)

Eye for England: An Eye for England, a memorial online gallery containing the photography of Dave Robbins. Dave was a collegue who ran the Slide Library at BIAD until last year, when he sadly and suddenly died.


Stoked: I haven’t seen the story, but apparently today’s Times newspaper used a 70-year-old photo of a grimy and industrial Stoke-on-Trent to illustrate a topical news story, with no caption explaining the age of the image.

Netporn Studies

Media Studies with the boring bits left out: I can’t see us offering a course in this at BIAD, but Netporn Studies seems to be taking off in (where else?) Amsterdam.

onetree project

onetree: onetree – one English oak tree & seventy artists, designers and crafts makers. The lead artists on the project will be giving a public talk in Stoke in October.

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean: The Tate magazine has an interesting article – buried under an ugly clash of multiple typefaces – on Tacita Dean’s images and films of abandoned modernist architecture.

Rotring pens

Rotring:A fine appreciation of the Rotring Rapidograph pen and its ubiquitous role in comics production. Personally I prefer the Rotring Isograph pens – same as the Rapidographs, but they use bottled ink so they’re not self-cleaning. I used to have a complete set, but now rely on just three. I have early comics I did […]

Hello Hayao (Miyazake interview)

Hello Hayao: The Guardian gets a rare interview with Miyazaki.

Google Blogsearch

BlogSearch: Google has launched its BlogSearch engine, albeit with a so-so index.

We are not afraid, London show opening

We are not afraid: A selected exhibition of the thousands of We Are Not Afraid photos has just opened at the Sony Proud galleries in London, and will run until the end of October.

Chatterley Whitfield photos

Chatterley Whitfield: Once-a-year the public have the chance of a whistestop 50-minute tour of some of the pithead buildings at the disused Chatterley Whitfield mine in Stoke-on-Trent… (large version, 140kb) (large version, 120kb) (large version, 140kb) (large version, 140kb) (large version, 140kb) (large version, 130kb) (large version, 120kb) (large version, 150kb) (large version, 150kb) (large […]

Gentrification and artists

Gentrification and artists: Interesting; Newcastle-upon-Tyne is looking at setting up its own building society, with the aim of…. “introducing loan deals aimed at artists to capitalise on new research that shows how an influx of creative professionals can push up house prices.” It seems the research in question is from “Toronto, Canada”, presumably the Parkdale […]

AHRB research project

AHRB: I’ve just been leafing through the 2005 Arts and Humanities Research Council awards. Would you believe they’ve given someone £141,800 to research: “Writing with light: Towards a performativity of photography”?

Redeye report

On a clear day…: Manchester’s Redeye has a new full report online, The Photographer’s Guide to the Future (PDF, 140kb), detailing a conference held in April 05.

Got to be real (new Tom Wood book)

Got to be real:There’s a new Tom Wood photography book out, Tom Wood: Photie Man. Those readers who’ve seen his previous All Zones Off Peak will know what to expect. Foto8 has a review.

Drawn (new book on best of recent comic art)

Drawn:There’s a new retrospective book that collects the best of recent comic art:- Pictures and Words: New Comic Art and Narrative Illustration, from Yale University Press no less, and accompanied by an exhibition at Magma (Clerkenwell Rd., London) from 10th September 05. Meanwhile, the International Manga & Anime Festival rolls into London in October 05, […]


Eco-Cinema: “Arts & Ecology: Towards an Eco-Cinema” is a two day conference in Bristol, 28th and 29th September 05. They now have transcripts of previous conferences on the site; so I’m mightly tempted to spend the rail fare on Treehouses by Henderson and Mornement instead, and simply wait for the “Eco-cinema” transcripts to become available.

Art Markets (new UK report)

Art Markets: The Market for Art (PDF, 680kb) is a report that contains some heavyweight musings on new laws, policies, tax breaks and other official interventions that can help British artists.

Scott Harrison on surgery ships to Africa

Formative: Photojournalist Scott Harrison signed up for a year aboard reconstructive surgery ships, touring the African coast.