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Samuel Palmer – major retrospective show.

Samuel Palmer:The British Museum will stage a major show of the works of Samuel Palmer – 10th November 2005 to 12th February 2006.

Wikimob (Wikipedia on mobile phones)

Wikimob: Nice; access and search Wikipedia from your mobile phone.

Luvvie-nomics (report on UK theatre economics)

Luvvie-nomics: Interesting new report from the University of Sheffield, showing that major West Midlands theatres generate about ten times as much money for their local economy than they take in public subsidy.

MS Acrylic beta release

Acrylic:A new beta of Microsoft’s Acrylic has just been released. It had an excellent review in a recent issue of Computer Arts. I wouldn’t mention it if it was simply a Photoshop -killer, but there do seem to be good reasons to run it alongside Photoshop . And, it’s free.

It had to happen

It had to happen: Today was the day for the “new camera pride deflation moment”. My ‘new’ shiny camera is now on sale to everyone in my local supermarket. For 70 quid less than I paid for it two months ago. It’ll be on eBay for a tenner, next summer.

Blinding with science

Blinding with science: It’s official; looking at naughty pictures makes you blind.

Google Earth becomes an RSS news aggregator.

Planet news: A Birmingham-based company has launched a tool that lets you pinpoint news stories by location, effectively using Google Earth as an RSS news aggregator.

Little Sparta artwork needs donations

Sparta starter:Hamilton-Finlay’s unique Little Sparta art-garden is on the brink of being saved for the nation, but still needs donations. Meanwhile, there are no less than three UK shows on Hamilton-Finlay’s work now on.

Terriffic terraces (house prices rise 500 quid a week in Stoke)

Terrific terraces: Fab; the new quarterly H.M. Land Registry figures have been released today. At the end of June, the average terraced house in Stoke was selling for 70,618 pounds. That’s a 6,736 pound rise in just three months. So, since 31st March, my terrace has been earning me around 500 pounds a week!

Swatch this (collaborative colour swatch breeding)

Swatch this!: Thousands of artists and designers winnow the most appealing colour-combinations from of a big haystack of colours –

On a roll (digital paint-roller)

On a roll: Re-inventing the humble paint-roller. I suspect they’ll call it the “iRoll”.

Howl’s Moving Castle DVD release date

Howl:Fab, there’s now an approximate DVD release date for the English dub of Howl’s Moving Castle. November, in the USA only. So, ironically I could be watching Miyazaki’s latest on a Region-1 DVD even before it goes on general release in British cinemas (the UK premiere was on 16th July, at the Cambridge Film Festival). […]

One decade’s work (Google2Wikipedia)

One decade’s work: Wired magazine, on ten years of the web…. “In fewer than 4,000 days, we have encoded half a trillion versions of our collective story (on the web) and put them in front of 1 billion people, or one-sixth of the world’s population. That remarkable achievement was not in anyone’s 10-year plan.” But […]