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Swiped (BBC launch mobile geo-location experiment)

Swiped: The BBC has launched an experimental version of my ‘0800 for art’ idea of a month ago. The nation’s seaside towns will have bar-codes attached to traditional seaside guide plaques. Tourists will swipe their mobile phone camera s over the bar codes, and then hear a 2-minute recorded message (at a cost of 2 […]

Slam-door trains (photographs of)

Slam-doors: Maxine Beuret is documenting the last of the old Brief Encounter-style slam-door trains in England, making some beautiful interior photos of the compartments. The prints will be shown at the National Rail Museum in York, probably in the Autumn.

Conferences and exhibitions in 2005

Conferences and exhibitions: Some interesting events coming up: the magazine Art and Architecture is to hold a first-ever conference in November 2005, about public art, to be titled Art, Creativity, Property and Regeneration. Meanwhile. the RSA has launched Arts Ecology, a five-conference series on natural environments and artistic practices. And a retrospective of twenty years […]

Szarkowski on film (documentary on Szarkowski)

Szarkowski on film: Fab; someone called Checkerboard Productions had the good sense to make a documentary film about John Szarkowski. Made in 1998, John Szarkowski: A Life in Photography is not on DVD yet – but they do have DVDs of John Szarkowski on Eugine Atget, and John Szarkowski on Ansel Adams. Checkerboard also sell […]

Poverty lines ( report on earnings of children’s authors)

Poverty lines: A scary story is told in The Guardian. According to a new report, titled ‘Not All of Us are Rowling in It’, the earnings of British children’s authors are often below the poverty line. And those surveyed could afford to pay the annual 80-quid membership sub to the Society of Authors. If they’d […]

Exposure (Northern Exposure third series on DVD)

Exposure: Excellent; today I got the entire third-season of Northern Exposure on DVD. Regretably, it led to my first negative eBay experience in several years. I ordered on 10th June, paid immediately (and for airmail postage). But then “ndtenterprise” (Nader Tamadon) took a whole month to ship it to me. Eventually, it came direct from […]

Nice LADs (location aware devices)

Nice LADs (location aware devices): As you may have realised, one of my interests is the cheap/practical convergence of new technologies with map-making. headmap is a site about location-aware devices, and one of the few that isn’t run by marketeers aimed at getting 20 quid a month out of anyone who’ll sign up. It also […]


Exposure: Fab; I just found out that two of my photographs have been used in a new Arts Council publication titled Arts & Regeneration: case studies. And I’ve also been invited to write about my People Like You public art project, for a new book being produced by The Public, that will be posted to […]

Noise maps for all UK cities – says EC

Noise maps: Fascinating; it seems the the European Commission is going to force the UK to draw up detailed city-wide “noise maps” for all cities.

Creative Funding (2005 report on creative investment in China)

Creative funding: On Wednesday I went to a very useful Advantage Creative Fund and NESTA workshop-conference, which asked the question: how do we find the 5 to 8 percent of smaller creative businesses who might benefit from rapid, capital-based expansion? There’s an interesting Feb 2005 report on what China is doing in creative industries investments, […]

The NoNet (UK survey shows around 30 percent don’t use net)

The NoNet: New research from the Oxford Internet Institute shows that around one third of British households don’t own a computer, and just under a third of those stopped in a street poll claimed they were “complete technophobes”. We shouldn’t be surprised. There was always going to be a take-up plateau for what remains a […]

Genii (new book on Asperger’s & the Arts)

Genii: Bryan Appleyard has a long and interesting review of the flawed new book The Genesis of Artistic Creativity: Aspergers Syndrome and the Arts.


London: Let’s hope that creative industries guru Richard Florida doesn’t again use the phrase “this so-called threat of terrorism” when he next visits the UK. Nick Cohen, in today’s Observer, tells the ‘Bush is Hitler’ moonbats a few home truths… “On Thursday, before the police had made one arrest, before one terrorist group had claimed […]

New encyclopedia of photography – Nov 2005

New encyclopedia of photography: To be published in November 2005, The Oxford Companion to the Photograph. Routledge have a three-volume rival in the works; the Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography.

Major Cartier-Bresson retrospective opens August

Cartier-Bresson: Edinburgh’s Dean Gallery is staging a major Cartier-Bresson retrospective in August. At over 200 prints, it’s set to be… “the largest exhibition of his work ever staged in Britain”. And there’s a new biography being published on 6th August.

Pinhole photography

Pinhole: Yesterday I saw ten superb pinhole landscapes from Finnish photographer Marja Pirila, part of the Facing East: photography from the Baltic nations show at The Light House (until 6th July). Digital pinhole is perfectly possible; my 300D would use a T-adapter for a telescope, with some duck tape or thick foil over the end. […]