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Last day of term

Last day of term: It’s the ‘last day of term’ again, and I feel like the young Mr. Chips. Some years, you think just for once – maybe this time – that some of that apparent mutual empathy you though you had with some students might actually be carried on after the lessons finish, if […]

Eno sings

When Eno sings: The Scotsman gets access to Eno, shortly before the new ‘Eno sings’ album. Another Day on Earth will be released on June 14th.


cPlex: I was in West Browmich yesterday, for a tour of The Public‘s £38-million cPlex arts building, which seems set to open around Spring 2006. My photos are here. (Disclosure: I’ve undertaken four commissions for The Public, in the past couple of years.).

Two new CABE reports

Space to think: CABE have released two new free reports looking at how architectural spaces influence the quality of the human activities that go on there. The impact of office design on business performance, and Design with distinction (newly-built university buildings).

GOMMA magazine

Gommagazine: A new print-based photography magazine, GOMMA (Flash only).

Red Teapot

Teapot, brewing: A good-looking, lively, independent artist-led site for creatives in Coventry & Warwickshire; Red Teapot. According to their chat board, comic-artist Al Davidson is now located in the area, on his narrowboat?

Hungry for success

(Keep ’em) hungry for success: Sadly, it looks like Birmingham’s National Academy of Writing is quitting the city and may have to fold. John Alden, the Council’s ‘cabinet member for leisure, sport and culture’ is reported as saying… “I am not quite sure what the National Academy for Writing want to achieve in having its headquarters set […]