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Dial an artist

Dial an artist: With nearly 1-million pounds of public art appearing in Stoke-on-Trent, and having last week attended a large Arts Council conference in the city on public art, I was thinking … how can artists talk about their public art, on the site itself, for up to a year after the work is sited? […]

Time and Tide (photography: the seaside piers of Britain)

Time and Tide: Photographer Lawrence George Giles has spent four years visiting the seaside piers of Britain, creating huge panoramic images. The exhibition’s currently touring coastal galleries. I can’t match that, but I have been to the moon today (almost)… (large version, 110kb)

Friendly Midlanders (two new graduate surveys)

Friendly Midlanders: According to a large Friends Reunited survey, four of the top ten ‘friendliest universities’ are Midlands-based. My two nearest have respectable rankings; Staffordshire is at comfortable number 16 (of 116), and Keele manages 46. Oddly, UCE doesn’t feature at all. Places you probably don’t want to study at are: Salford; Brighton; Plymouth; or […]

The Podcast Value Chain

cashPod: Just released, a short market report on podcasting, The Podcast Value Chain: An Overview of the Emerging Podcasting Marketplace. (PDF, 220kb). Predictably, the report sees erotica audio files as an area that has potential to, erm, ‘firm up’ – 11.3% of visitors are looking for it, but it’s currently just 0.8% of all available […]

Quark thwarted

Quark thwarted: Oh, the delicious irony. The Daily Telegraph has taken the Quark-sponsored ‘UK Newspaper Design of the Year’ 2005 award. But the Telegraph doesn’t use Quark XPress (and who can blame it?). The paper uses Adobe InDesign, and has done since 2001.

Sing as we go (Lancashire regeneration)

Sing as we go:A new short ‘blue skies’ report, by pop moghul Anthony Wilson, re-imagines the future of East Lancashire (PDF, 640kb). The report offers a list of somewhat disappointing suggestions, which may be ‘blue skies’ to councillors in East Lancashire but are fairly standard ‘culture-led regeneration’ fare elsewhere: an iconic landmark building themed around […]

Mass Innovation

Mass Innovation: Charles Leadbeater in The Observer, on the DIY user-led future. It’s strange, how we only see the big outlines of an era as it fades away into history. For example, we can now see how profoundly interlinked the Thatcherite ‘individualist entrepreneurship’ / ‘consumer choice’ ethos was with the Hippie/Punk/Rave ‘DIY ethos’.

DCMS debate

DCMS debate: The Department for Culture, Media and Sport this week “launched a major debate on how Britain can become the world’s creative hub”. This arrived in the shape of former No.10 Policy Unit whizz-kid James “I know what Tony is thinking” Purnell, who gave a speech to a leftie London think-tank. The title of […]

Alt. Deckchair competition

“Er, build it from seagull bones?” The Alternative Deckchair competition.

Mobile phone as windchime

Mobile phone as a windchime: The Autumn’s new Sony Ericsson phone will offer differently-pulsed/coloured LEDs that will fire differently for different callers. A gentle pink strobe for ‘my lover’, an angry red flash for ‘my boss’; you get the idea. It might even open up a new market, comparable with ringtones, as people buy a […]

DiGRA 05

DiGRA 2005 I’ve been sent the catalogue for the DiGRA 2005 conference, which opens on the 16th of June. Of the eight or so fresh gaming ideas on offer in the showcase: in Organum players use their vocal expressions to collaboratively navigate through a model of the human voice tract, while co-operating with each other […]

Graphic novel niche

Graphic niche: ISV2 has a report estimating U.S. sales of graphic novels to have been $205m in 2004, with manga taking $140m of that. If ISV2’s estimates are good, they imply that the U.S. now has a $65m market for non-manga graphic novels. I’d guess-timate that perhaps 80 percent of that $65m comes from sales […]

Artists books in Glasgow

“See you (book), Jimmy!”: Glasgow’s artists have a non-profit book publishing venture, specifically for them, set up in 2002. It’s just announced plans to publish 100 books a year.

UK photography conferences

UK photography conferences: The International Photography Symposium 2005 will be in the UK at the University of Sunderland, 9th – 11th September 2005. It’ll focus on…. “the issue of work and the critical evaluation of photographic commissions.” And on 7th April 2006 the University of East London, Docklands, will host ‘Camera/Constructs’ – a one-day conference […]

Fuji F440 test images

Fuji F440 test images: Twelve images from the first outing of my new F440 camera . The camera was on ‘total auto’, image quality was ramped down to 2.1mpx, and the resulting images were sharpened using Photoshop .

B&W camera test

B&W camera test: To test the black & white mode on my new Fuji F440 digital camera , I snapped two identical macro images of a white rose in my garden. One in colour and one in the camera ‘s B&W mode. The rose was under a bright but overcast 5pm sky. Comparison test shots […]

City maps

City maps: Six weeks after my post about the need for 3d city models, Google announce plans to create a 3D map of San Francisco using lorries packed with lasers and digicams.

New camera

New camera : You know when you look at a person with two mis-matched dogs, and you think – “why”? I’m the same with camera s. I have a big ugly Canon that sits inside a bigger bag with lenses and kit, and it doesn’t go out much – because it’s too much trouble. I […]


G&G:Two of the nation’s most important artists, currently representing the UK at the Venice Biennale (opens 12th June) and with a big Tate retrospective in 2007, are living under siege. Presumably, it’s because they’re gay… “I had assumed their front door looked the way it did in order to annoy the neighbours, whose houses have […]


‘Hiding’/’bowing’: The connotations of either ‘hiding’ or ‘bowing’ have been noted by many famous photographers. The standard SLR camera makes you ‘shoot’ the subject while hiding your eyes and most of your face. In body-language terms, that can appear aggressive. Many older camera s, such as the Rollei, instead made you look down into a […]