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Re-draw the map (3D mobiles from Korea emerging soon)

Re-draw the map: There are reports that 3D-enabled mobiles will be emerging from Korea next month. The first usage seems to be playing Quake, but it’s fairly certain we’ll eventually be using 3D “roamable” computer game-like city maps on mobile phones. In the meantime, Google have just launched a beta version of Google Earth for […]

Goth house (photo)

Goth house: I’m afraid I didn’t hang around this Stoke-on-Trent door long enough the read the sign on the gate. I suspect it may have read: “Beware of the vampire”…. (large version, 66.6kb oddly enough)

New D’log gallery show of triptych (photos)

Take a trip:Hurrah! I once again have access to the D’log FTP server. I’ve selected the best of my recent experimental triptych photographs, and they now form the new Gallery show.

The arts cuts bite (Picture House Gallery in Leicester set to close)

The arts cuts bite: The Picture House Gallery in Leicester is threatened with closure. A long-time venue for photography shows, Arts Council East Midlands has cut all funding, without any consultation or even any rationale being given. We can’t afford to loose such dedicated exhibition spaces for photography. It’s true there are signs of life […]

Vivid BEAST (show at VIVID, July 05)

Vivid BEAST: Birmingham’s BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) help to christen the new VIVID media space on the 15th and 16th July 05.

Blow up (BJP group-test on photography interpolation)

Blow up: The British Journal of Photography has published a detailed interpolation group-test. They interpolated megapixel photographs to 170-percent and 400-percent. The verdict? Genuine Fractals; crap on both tests. PhotoZoom S-Spline; clearly beats Adobe Photoshop at 400-percent, but not at 170-percent. So; use Photoshop bicubic if you only need to re-size up to 170-percent, or […]

Hissing and loathing (Sex Pistols exhibition)

Hissing and loathing: Punk: Sex, Seditionaries and the Sex Pistols is the title of an exhibition at Manchester’s new ?30-million Urbis (until 7th August), celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sex Pistol’s first gig. The sub Jamie Reid-style poster claims listlessly: “anarchy is back.”. Who really thinks the tired chewed-over gob of the Sex Pistols […]

Bottled water (cheap plant watering system)

Bottled water: Very useful, very cheap. Why buy expensive “water gel” at B&Q?

Geekforce (new market report on UK geekdom)

Geekforce: Hot on the heels of Japan’s NRI report on the otaku market, comes the TGI/Rocket UK Geekforce Report. The Report will be released in July, and although the headline figures are interesting, I suspect they’re mingling a mass of gadget-happy early-adopter consumers with a smaller number of genuine producer geeks/nerds. It’ll be interesting to […]

Radio UK (streaming audio from all UK Eire local stations)

Radio UK: It doesn’t look pretty, but this is an excellent hub for web-streaming audio from almost any local British radio station.

Primitive (children’s street art)

Primitive: A children’s chalk drawing, found in the street today in Stoke… (large version, 130kb)

Art school rock (art teachers on arts education)

Art school rock: Two leading art school teachers have some pithy things to say about the current state of art education.

Danny Hillis anti-noise device launches in July

Conversation stopper: When Danny Hillis gets into anti-noise, and announces a commercial anti-noise product launching in July, you’d better listen. Or not.


Futurilla: Wow; according to a Business Week article, there are now…. “nearly 1 billion people online worldwide”. And many are not content being passive pod potatoes.

Preliminary findings of research project on Powerpoint use

Powerpointless: Preliminary findings of on online survey project examining on Powerpoint presentations and audiences; Why Bad Presentations Happen To Good Causes.

Beyond the vibrating mobile (Touch Me! exhibition, London)

Beyond the vibrating mobile: Just opened in London at the Victoria and Albert museum, Touch Me!, a major exhibition showcasing innovative designs that play with the sense of touch. It runs until the 29th August.

Over-the-counterculture (two new books)

Over-the-counterculture: Two new books look at the influence of the 1960s and 70s counterculture on business in the USA, and back up my observation of a week ago: What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry, and A Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture…. “From hippies to punks, […]

Michael Powell retrospective in August

Michael Powell: There’s to be a Michael Powell retrospective, at The National Film Theatre during August. The full programme still hasn’t been announced, but apparently includes classics such as The Edge of the World, A Canterbury Tale, I Know Where I’m Going, Gone to Earth, Colonel Blimp, and A Matter of Life & Death, as […]

Rock face (photos)

Rock faces: Naturally formed ‘faces’ in pebbles, found today on my beach-shingled back yard… There’s a whole history of ideas behind these sort of ‘chance images’.

Landscapes of desire

Landscapes of desire: Genitally-inspired British landscape art, the gallery. There’s a sumptious coffee-table book, too.