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CS2Brum: Adobe are bringing the CS2 / Photoshop roadshow to Birmingham on 7th June.

ARLIS in Birmingham

Art lib:ARLIS members will be zipping around Birmingham in July, as part of their annual conference. The conference theme will be “Rough Diamonds: polishing partnerships with creative industries”.

Darkwood (new photo)

Darkwood: More dusky gloom…. (large version, 80kb)

BBC art

BBC Art: The BBC has another globe-trotting mega-series on art due soon. Perhaps we like certain kinds of pictures partly because they give us a window into the place where we spend a fifth of our lives – our dreams. Even if we never remember our dream-world after we wake, the portrayal of it in […]

Novel suggestion

Oh, blimey… Someone in the USA wants to slap one of my photos on the front of a novel.

DVD (Dodgy Video Disk)

DVD (Dodgy Video Disk):I’m starting to fudge my old criteria for buying DVDs. My previous “no to movie piracy” rule has been being bent on three occasions now; for obscure films that are never likely to make it onto DVD, on a DVD-r disk made by a film-buff from an old VHS tape. It’d be […]

An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls: Stand by your beds, Birmingham; the Council Arts Inspector is on his way.

Sky ear

Sky ear:Oooh, yes; I want one of these.

Art studs

Art studs:An overview of the types of horrible U.S. art students.

Landscape triptych (new photo)

Landscape:I wanted to make a triptych that didn’t feature trees, just to see if the effect still works. In Chatterley Valley today…. (large version, 40kb)

New leaves

New leaves:

Cat detector

Flo control:An intelligent cat detector.

My election prediction

My election prediction: … all the pre-election polls & surveys will be confounded by the actual results (again). The pundits and number-crunchers will wander away, muttering and scratching their heads.

Sunglasses that play MP3s

$400; THUMP It’s nearly the “buy new sunglasses for the summer” moment. Mmmm, perhaps glasses that double as an MP3 player?

IdeAS 2005 contest

IdeAS 2005 IdeAS 2005, an international photojournalist contest from deviantART. Absolutely no pictures of baby dragons or cute Japanese rabbits allowed.


Pod People: “They like fun. Jane has a big Tiger. Peter has a ball. Look, Jane, look! Here is Peter. Here is Jane. They’re like iGeeks! Look, Jane, look!” Yes, Apple has opened a new shop in Birmingham. Is that Robert Sharl I see, getting crushed in the stampede for the mauve & mint iPod? […]

Ken Dodd

The later Dodd: Amazing; 77-year-old Ken Dodd caused near-gridlock in Wolverhampton at the weekend. He then proceeded to play a six hour gig to a sold-out Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Yes, six hours; the local hoteliers must love him. And he has energy left over to campaign for a national Comedy Museum.

D’log visitors for March

Half full, half empty: D’log‘s new web-server has crunched its first full month of visitor statistics. Individual “unique visitor” numbers have been cut in half, predictably. March saw 4350 visitors.

Talent Wars

Talent Wars: Richard Florida has just had a new book published in the UK, The Flight of the Creative Class. I haven’t read it, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from the reviews. It appears to be another very US-centric tome, relevant to big measurable U.S. cities surrounded by a lot of fairly empty space. Basically […]

FILE mag

FILE: Yet another online U.S. photography ‘zine; FILE. And Germany has a new photography school; the site’s in German, but there are sizable image portfolios. Scroll down and click the ‘Galerie’ button.