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Flat screens for creatives

Flattery: I’m indebted to the latest Digit magazine, and their group-test of a new breed of flat-panel monitors. These are now starting to meet the colour-depth and fidelity requirements of artists and photographers. But that fidelity comes at a price; the cheapest 20″ that Digit can recommend costs £600 inc. VAT and delivery. Which is […]

Folk Art Archive tour

Heart Art: The new gleanings of Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s modern Folk Art Archive go on national tour later this year, including Walsall. Strange Harvest has the interview.

Night trip (photo)

Night trip(tych):I went down to the Uni tonight, to the launch of ‘RAW’ (a show of second-year work in B.A. Photography). Cycling back, I made a few dusk pictures… (large version, 90kb) (large version, 90kb)

One too (creativity test)

One too: April’s Digital Journalist serves up a creative personality questionnaire. One actually devised by a creative, rather than someone interested in researching ‘abnormal psychology’. Quite how methodologically valid it is, though, is anyone’s guess. The author gives no details of how it was created. Just bear in mind that one of the top researchers […]

Science Fiction Scholarship Hub

It Came From Outer Liverpool: The Science Fiction Scholarship Hub launches. And, talking of SF&F; The Flipside of Dominick Hide has just been released as a budget DVD, as has Polanski’s Dance of the Vampires (in widescreen, and re-titled as The Fearless Vampire Killers).

On the road

On the road: Photographer Robert Clark is driving across America with a 1.3mpx camera -phone. Nice, but can it paste a photo right onto your weblog’s front page? Without having to enter the dark vaults of the moblog geeks? At an affordable price? Er, “no” – on all counts. Nice try Sony; but no Kerouac […]

Adobe will buy Macromedia

Adobe will buy Macromedia: …in late 2005. Results? A dead Macromedia Freehand, almost certainly. Macromedia Fontographer integrated into Illustrator? An automated “one-click” route to get a layered Photoshop .psd file to re-purpose as a Dreamweaver page layout? And complex Flash authoring everywhere. And Apple and Quark having sleepless nights.

How did I miss that?

How did I miss that? Christopher Bucklow’s first book, Guest, came out last September. He makes pictures with a camera the size of a building, and openly calls himself a neo-romantic. What more could you ask for?

Tickle … ‘do it everywhere’

‘Tickle … do it everywhere’: You may know the delicious Rufus Wainwright song, Vibrate? It set me thinking up an imaginary brand, to use in talking with a BIAD class about branding & naming. If you had a service to send personalised “vibrating ringtones” to a loved-one, what better brand-name to use than ‘Tickle’? And […]


Worcester – hot in August: Worcester gets lucky. Is there something in the water at the other end of the Midlands that I don’t know about? Any city can slap a few ‘gay-friendly’ stock-photos in the marketing bumph – and thus try to haul itself up the creative class mind-share rankings. But in terms of […]

Pavement magazine

Pavement: Yet another fab photography magazine from New York, with large amounts of content online; Pavement magazine.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons: Creative Commons licences for England & Wales are now available.

New documentaries about photographers

Docs: I found two new DVD documentaries about photographers, to add to my list… Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt; and Naked States (Spencer Tunick). And released to film festivals recently, but not yet on DVD; arakimentari (Nobuyoshi Araki); Leaving Home, Coming Home (Robert Frank); What Remains (Sally Mann); and William Eggleston in the Real World.

Live bunny

Live bunny: The Australians know how to enjoy cartoons. Showing a Bugs Bunny retrospective? Wheel in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to play the soundtrack, live.

Clifford Harper

Illustrious:Clifford Harper (Flash only).

Train spotter (new photos)

Train spotter: I did some more image-grabbing through train windows… (large version, 90kb) (large version, 130kb)

In progress (new painting)

In progress:My new Wacom pad is finally being put to some (rather hesitant) use beyond Photoshop pery. This is still rather rough, thus ‘in progress’… (large version, 74kb)


Prints: Eight weeks after my solo show closed, I find I have twenty newly-made pictures ready for printing. I get them printed onto archival matt photographic paper by Peak Imaging in nearby Derbyshire (‘supporting the regional economy’, and all that – but many national magazine surveys award them first prize for quality). Peak made my […]

Blind Spot

Blind Spot: I saw the U.S. photography magazine Blind Spot this week, for the first time, and was most impressed. It’s one of the few photography magazines I could imagine subscribing to.

Under the pavements, the speech

‘Under the pavements, the speech’: How did that old anarcho-phreaker mantra go? Was it… free the streets, free the phone calls. Something like that.