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Pekar interview

American Spendor: GNR has a long interview with Harvey Pekar, finding success at last after the superb film adaptation of American Splendor.


Comical: A new report says Japan’s comics industry has a basic structural problem; the primary audiences are now in their late-20s & 30s, and not enough young children are buying comics to build a comics-literate audience for the future. One can perhaps sense a similar shift in the Anglosphere – witness 2005’s crop of darker/anti-hero […]


Big MoMA: MoMA grabs the best early collection of photography, much of it British.


Wiki zippy: Wikipedia has just zipped past the 500,000’th article barrier.


Words fail: DIAGRAM :: 5.1…. because we all love a good visual explanation.

Creative Commons

“IP IP hurray!”: The British Creative Commons licence has been finalised.

down to the woods

…if you down to the woods today: you might find a fairy-house I made… (large version, 180kb) (large version, 80kb)

Drawn to talent

Drawn to talent: Strip Search, a comic-book talent incubator for Birmingham. (Not to be confused with Dark Horse’s Strip Search).


Phew, what a scorcher: It’s the last day of term, and the spring warmth has made a welcome appearance. Sunshine, daffodils, warm breezes, and the first female cyclists (in a working-class area); the latter being the surest sign of spring that I know of. Now I only have ten-trillion bits of marking to do over […]

Cartoon Fest

Cartoonist fest: Shrewsbury hosts an International Cartooning Festival from 22nd-24th April 2005, organised by the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations.


deviate: Just in case you’ve never stumbled across it, deviantart is currently roaring toward its fifth birthday, having collected some 10-million young creatives along the way (the Birmingham ones look like this in the flesh). ‘Romanticism not dead – shock!’ – although often looking a bit tired. But, of course, to these young creatives capital-R […]


Ruf: Fascinating interview/profile with Rufus Wainwright. He’s playing Birmingham’s Symphony Hall just after Easter.


Intervention: Remember my weblog ran out of space last Autumn, and some things had to be thrown overboard? I’ve now got my Intervention review back online, with all my images. The review’s increasingly dated now, but — as the only substantial writing about an event that launched many new artists and was a herald of […]

Luv games

Luv games: High-end computer games based on er… love & poetry? Wired has the details.


Thinking art: A new study from the U.S. think-tank Rand Corp. thinks deeply about the social value of the arts. The full PDF text is available free online.


eBay quality-control for artists: Interesting; eMOMA, an art-buying advice site that piggy-backs on the naff-ness of most eBay art, by providing a kind of ‘third-party quality-control’. I’m tracking this painting to see what it sells for, and hoping the real MOMA doesn’t sue eMOMA for trademark infringement before the auction ends. They don’t allow print […]

Never Mind the Ballots

Never Mind the Ballots: With the General Election creeping up on us, why isn’t my letter-box being targeted with dozens of print-tastic flyers and manifestos? Surely I’m an ‘Urban Inter-detergent’ or similar trendy demographic? Not a sausage so far. Perhaps Central Office thinks no-one lives in ‘that bit’ between Birmingham and Manchester?


Crumbs: Notorious comic-book artist Robert Crumb, now living in (of all places) the south of France, gives a long interview to the GirdedNads. There’s also a retrospective show on at the Whitechapel in London.


Crow: 92 images of crows; on show from 14th March in the Custard Factory foyer gallery, Birmingham. Sounds like my kind of show!


WikiWired:A new Wired article about Wikipedia and its founder and contributors.