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Creating a Creative Environment

And here’s one I made earlier: Perhaps my recent piece in Blueprint magazine caused some ripples. At yesterday’s Creative Industries Incubation Conference in Coventry, one of the lead threads was: “Creating a Creative Environment – how important is the design of an incubator for the creative industries? Do creative entrepreneurs need creative surroundings to be […]

Artist personality survey

Box ticking: An Open University psychology researcher has an online survey on the personality and relationships of artists. Supposedly it’s all ‘confidential’, but be warned that the form has no SSL encryption.

In training (photos)

In training:My Fuji Finepix pocket digicam is getting “spotty”. Perhaps some dust got inside when I opened it up for repair. To compensate, I’ve taken to trying to create the opposite of pin-sharp, while still retaining beauty and some faint sense of form. This seems to work best while on a moving inter-city train… (large […]


Fantasycon 05: The British Fantasy Convention 2005 comes to nearby Walsall in late Summer 2005. Er… Walsall, fantasy? It’s not exactly a town known as ‘a bath-house for the spirits’. But perhaps not so incongrous, when you think about it. The most arid places produce (occasionally, after rain) the most wonderful flowers.

Open Office v2.0 beta

Open Office: Don’t fancy spending the price of a holiday on Microsoft Office? Nor me. Today I installed the v2.0 beta of Open Office; the freeware ‘open source’ replacement for Microsoft’s Office suite. It opens and saves MS Office file formats, writes PDF files (without needing Acrobat), and exports to Flash .swf’s. The new interface […]

Misty start

Misty start: A bright mist lingered over the city for most of today, a suitable companion to my mild head-cold. This was the scene as I cycled in on one of our new cycle-paths, to be interviewed by a lovely girl in a pink coat… (large version, 35kb)

Snap happy (camera phone use – PDF report)

Snap happy: A November 2004 UK-based report, How & Why People Use Camera Phones (280kb, PDF)


meCasting: Coming soon-ish; new affordable turnkey video-phone -to- videoblog services, along with affordable v-phones to match. But watch out for the small-print that makes a sly rights-grab for your content. Some MegaCorp Inc. could ‘own’ your video clip as soon as you press /send/. That was certainly the case for several of the automatic txt-2-blog […]

Hello city

Hello kitty city: Tokyo is starting to see young western anime tourists. On Wednesday I was talking with a young textile-artist in Leek, at Mark Wood’s Peak District artists’ bash, and we both found a common desire to visit Japan. I’d prefer Osaka over Tokyo, though. Hmm, I wonder… has anyone published a good history […]


Photobloggies: Only three days left to cast your vote in the Photobloggies awards.

Pen a pension

Pen a pension: Wired magazine, on the new Artist Pension Fund. Or you could try a DIY version (not without risk).

It’s about caring

It’s about caring: Despite all the buzz and hype about supporting the “social entrepreneur”, well-funded agencies and most salaried council officers still seem to want little to do with them. For all the talk about pro-am’s and social entrepreneurs, it’s almost as if doing something very well, and with energy, and on a shoestring voluntary […]

Koan2Flash goes to v0.6

Little tinker: I’ve tinkered a bit with my Koan2Flash prototype, and it’s now in version 0.6. The window is now twice as large, and the animation transitions are much smoother.

Unusual hats

Hats: If I was into collecting affordable art (which is to say; if I could afford affordable art), I could do worse than collect unusual & ornate hats such as these & these.

Manchester more expensive that New York

Whalleyt Range: Manchester is now more expensive than New York, according to the new Economist Intelligence Unit ‘Worldwide Cost of Living Survey’.

D’log spring cleaning & new url

D’log‘s spring cleaning: New season, new server. Yes, I’ve finally switched url and now have a comfy 100MB of space. I’ve CHMOD-ed all the right .cgi scripts, but there are probably still a few bugs to squash. Keyword-searching and commenting are back, and the main pages have also been updated. I feel a change of […]

Roxy Music, Art Schools

Art Rox: News just hitting the wires; the original Roxy Music line-up are to reform. And I hear that Roxy’s old Moog-schmoozer Brian Eno packed the Royal Society a few nights ago, to give a blistering speech. He attacked the domination of nonsensical jargon-jugglers in the UK’s “dim and tired” art schools. Among other reforms […]

Poet free

Poet free: Camille Paglia on the English language, poetry and its uses. (Telegraph, free registration required). Nice line: “The only antidote to the magic of images is the magic of words”.

Visual music

Visual music: A in-depth review of a huge retrospective show of ‘visual music’. Kind of makes my own efforts look very feeble.

Blogging as mass media

Blogging as mass media: A million people read the books & comics of a real-life Tokyo blogger’s love quest. (Times, free registration required). There’s a feature-film version due in June. Ahem… as I wrote, way back in 2002… “Now that weblogs are hot, someone’s bound to decide to do a film/graphic novel about bloggers. Probably […]