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DVD Lenswork interviews

Disc-ussions: Lenswork have a new DVD series of interviews with photographers, including Andre Kertesz (for whom there’s a new book out this month from Princeton University Press, Andre Kertesz: The Eternal Amateur).


‘Ave a LAAF: The London Affordable Art Fair is dipping a toe into photography this year, with a dedicated photography section featuring “a number of specialist galleries”.

Art Market

Art market: The good news; the top end of the fine-art & antiques market is thriving, and growing minority of people in the UK have larger & larger amounts of disposable income to spend. The bad news; they’re not spending it in the lower-priced end (sub £400) of the fine-art & antiques market. Who can […]

Darkness & Light (Szarkowski)

Darkness & light: John Szarkowski in San Fransisco; a lengthy article with some fresh interview quotes thrown in… “times of failure are times of opportunity, when new ideas bubble to the top. When something loses its immediate, practical, sustaining status, that’s when we start to think of it as an art”.


Lenkiewicz: Artist Robert Lenkiewicz is starting to hot up. Forged paintings are appearing. There’s a new personal documentary film out on DVD; Portrait of Robert Lenkiewicz made by his friend & local ferryman Mike Palmer. In late summer, a new photo book by another close friend; the late Philip Stokes’ 400-image A Portrait of Robert […]


Vinca: A free Windows font of the Vinca alphabet; a linear writing that flourished along the River Danube in Europe, some 7000 years ago.


Clusters: Just announced; the 2005 Creative Clusters conference is to be held in Belfast.

Week housing market

Week housing market: The new Land Registry figures are out, for October to December 2004. Despite all the house-price “doom & gloom” in the press in the run-up to Christmas, the average Stoke terraced house managed to rise during that period by £280 a week. Yes; a week.

Walt Whitman

Whitman: Wikipedia currently has a fine 1887 photograph of Walt Whitman on their front page.


Fameblog: U.S. fame beckons for a Manchester academic, all because of his Normblog weblog. (Times, free registration required).

Art Criticism in the press

Press here: The Visual Arts Critic; an in-depth survey (PDF, 1mb) of several hundred of the USA’s art critics working at newspapers & magazines.

Crit bit

Crit bit: Spiked on the state of art criticism.

When Eno sings

When Eno sings: From the lips of the man himself, in an interview on Radio 4; Brian Eno is working on a whole album of new songs. Yes, songs.

Spam filters

Spam filters: The lack of inter-operatability of some e-mail services is becoming as much of a menace as spam was. Even after “white-listing” (i.e.: ‘specifically accept mail from this address’), I still can’t get mail through to HotMail or Demon accounts. Other services seems fine, for now. But for how long?