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Show: In-gallery photos of my solo show in Burslem School of Art. It’s on until 16th Feb 2005.

Guy Davenport

Guy Davenport is dead: “Bottom line: Davenport is God”.

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt: The collected colour photographs of Helen Levitt, coming in book-form in May 2005.

Blog stats in the US

U.S. blog stats: Interesting new report from the Internet & American Life project: 27 percent (32 million people) of U.S. net users regularly read weblogs. 73 percent of U.S. bloggers are university-educated males, usually aged below 35.

West Midlands Life

“Life, Jim!”: At last, West Midlands Life’s web site lives again.

Films about artists

Films about artists: They have an international festivals of films about art & artists? Indeed; twenty-two of them so far. Unfortunately, they’re held in Canada, and the web-site has no “PayPal us $35 and we’ll burn you a DVD and post it to you, and pay the film-maker $20” buttons.

Rivers & Tides

Rivers & Tides: My DVD of Rivers and Tides arrived yesterday. It’s a fine and well-made film, it’s the kosher official release; but sadly the DVD transfer is very poor, with heavy-handed compression and noticable artifacts.

Italian mountains

Peak: Blimey; the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy, photographed. Photography holidays there, anyone?

Rhubarb 05

Rhubarb 05: Dates to pencil in on your shiny new 2005 calendar: Birmingham’s 6th Rhubarb-Rhubarb international image-making festival is set for the 4th to the 7th of August 2005.