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Puppet power

Puppet power: In May 2002, I suggested on D’log that the redundant BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham might profitably become an international centre for puppetry. Now, Rupert Christiansen details the recent rise in art puppetry to the point “where the creative experiments verge on Turner Prize territory”. Sadly, that’s happening in France rather than […]

Council of Europe blog censoring.

Weblog logjam: Uh oh; the Council of Europe has its beady little eye on weblogs.

House prices & yobs

House prices & yobs: There’s a synergy between a new Economic Journal study by the LSE – showing a ‘significant negative impact’ on house-prices from the presence of visual indicators of anti-social behaviour – and a 2003 study showing new street-lighting having a dramatic & unexpected crime-cutting effect. So do you want your street’s house […]


Advent-ure: Artists from the South-West of England offer a digital-arts advent calendar.

Stilt Rider to Budget city

Stilt Rider to Budget city: Morrowind has finally gone to the £8.99 budget-game graveyard, in the UK. Speaking of sweeping epics, I’ve got the Extended DVD of The Return of the King to look forward to this Christmas. If you put all three Extended DVD’s back-to-back, the Lord of the Rings clocks in at around […]

e-mail glitches

ColdMail: Is it just me, or has the world’s e-mail system become a lot more unreliable over the last month? Especially Hotmail.

Media Week Midlands supplement

“It’s that bit between Manchester & London, y’know”: The West Midlands, it’s not crap, honest; says this week’s Media Week in a special feature supplement. Stoke-on-Trent not mentioned.

Design blogs

We blog: ICON magazine discovers design blogs.

The Arts Cancel

The Arts Cancel: Remember all that government guff about “a doubling in funding for the arts” over the coming years? It’s been cancelled.


Prints: I had another ten 18″x12″ prints back today, from Peak Imaging; the usual high quality and superb colour-faithfullness. Until I undertook the printing for this show, I’d not had prints made – due to cost – and had simply shown everything on the web instead. Now I can see nice large colour-faithful prints on […]

Blueprint magazine

Print: Cool; a Blueprint editor has just asked me to write something for the magazine.

Bloggie Oscars

Bloggie oscars: The 2004 Weblog Awards closed yesterday. The Best Overall Blog is, unsurprisingly, Powerline. Best UK Blog is, surprisingly, the Belgravia Despatch. Best Techie Blog is, erm…. not sure – the server fell over under the weight of visitors, before I could get to that page.

Project 99 in B’ham

Ice cream vans for art: Project 99 ice-cream vans are out in Birmingham, taking advantage of the mild weather.

Law & photography

Law & photography: There’s a new two-page downloadable ‘bust card’ for British photographers, detailing the various legal restrictions on photography. It covers: trespass, restrictions in Central London & the Royal Parks; National Security; harassment & obstruction; “reasonable expectation of privacy”; the Data Protection Act (which has an exemption for photos by journalists & artists); courts; […]

Creativity Challenge

Creativity Challenge: The venerable Charles Leadbeater has authored a free new report (PDF, 180kb) on the threats to our creative industries. The main threats? Global competitors; outsourcing; the stress & problems associated with underfunding individual creatives; the hurdle of ‘only young graduates need apply’; and the “lack of a proper infrastructure for mobilising talent”.

Fire alarm

Fire alarm: On Tuesday I was at a talk by artist Terry Shave, who lost most of his work in a studio fire some years ago. Yesterday, some of the world’s most valuable photos seem to have gone up in smoke. A warning to us all.

Drifts the appalling snow – Auden in NY

“Drifts the appalling snow”: If you have access to the New York Times, admire this Richard Avedon portrait of W.H. Auden; standing in the falling snow, on a New York street. Incidentally, Auden was a Brummie; he grew up in Harborne, Birmingham.

Pickled sheep

Pickled sheep: Politicans have made a ‘land grab’ on publicly-funded arts in Wales; taking power over policy & the ‘big money’ funding of major arts institutions. The Arts Council of Wales now only has to deal with… er, with artists actually. I can’t help thinking that one of the most robust ways to fund artists […]

Would you like to supersize that?”

“Would you like to supersize that?”: MyPublisher launches oversize photobook printing. For my previous take on MyPublisher, see my April postings.

Peak Images

Peak Images: About 150 prints of my digital photos, for my January gallery show, arrived today. I’m very very pleased with the quality & colour fidelity. Thanks, Peak Imaging of Derbyshire!