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Stage news

News to me: The Stage now has a surprisingly wide-ranging selection of UK arts news stories. Free, and no registration required.

Raymond Moore

Moore: Roy Hammans has put up a tribute-page for Raymond Moore.


BritPhot: There’s now a a structured links page of the various key UK photography places/fest’s/sites I’ve mentioned on D’log over the past couple of years.

Forbes on photo market

Platinum prints: U.S. business magazine Forbes has a long article on the state of the collectable photography-prints market in 2004.


Szarkowski: One the great photography writers (Looking at Photographs) has a book of his own photographs coming out in February 2005. The book John Szarkowski: Photographs will mark his 80th birthday, and is accompanied by a retrospective at San Francisco MOMA.

On A Wim

On a Wim: The Spanish photography magazine Exit, on film-maker Wim Wenders, as photographer. Exit has its back issues online; many English-language texts & web-res images are freely available.


Commi-books: A world where comics were banned. That’s condemnation enough, if any more were needed, of life behind the Iron Curtain. In the last few years, comic-book artists have started to emerge in former Soviet countries.

Xmas snow photos

Three inches of snow, here:North Staffordshire had a nice sprinkling of the perfect kind of “Christmas snow”, followed by cloudless skies and sun. (large version, 110kb) (large version, 130kb)

Xmas present: Sykpe

Xmas present: Oooh, what’s Santa left under the D’log tree? Cool…. Skype; VoIP + P2P + end-to-end 256-bit crypto, all wrapped up in a nice easy front-end for non-geeks. In plain language; free phone calls, using your PC. And Skype is robust freeware that’s been around for nearly a year now; with no ‘holes’ or […]

Tidal Forces

Tidal Forces: I just bought the Rivers & Tides DVD documentary about Andy Goldsworthy’s work, for £13 including airmail from the USA. Ironically this film, by a German director about a British artist, isn’t yet available in Europe; and even when it is it’ll probably be a ‘premium’ £19.99 title.

Return of painting

Hit the canvas: The return of painting, maybe.


Happy clappy: Feeling good about self-esteem? Scientific American might bring you down.

Smiths conference

“…homework onto the fire…”: Blimey; the first academic conference on the music of The Smiths. “Why Pamper Life’s Complexities?” is on 8th April 2005 in Manchester.

Presents, futures

Presents, futures: I bought all my Christmas presents online this year; some from eBay and some from online shops. It seems much of the nation’s done the same, blowing over £1bn on online Christmas shopping, sans crowds. No wonder the High St. chains are panicky. Sadly, one thing I can’t yet buy; a pocket-sized personal […]

Landscape 4000BC

Landscape: Hanging a picture of the English landscape on your wall may be a tradition that’s older than we think. The Bronze Age, to be precise. (Telegraph, free registration required)

The Year in WebComics

The Year in WebComics: A ‘best of 2004’ you won’t see in the broadsheets; the Best Webcomics of 2004.

The cat shop

The cat shop: (large version, 130kb)


Meatyard: In a few weeks; the publication by Steidl of a 320-page retrospective of the photography of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, with an introduction by his neighbour and friend Guy Davenport.


Chu: Chu has returned to live in the West Midlands, and he has a new-look web-site.

Slightly foxed

Slightly foxed: Peep inside Martin Parr’s £1.5m collection of photography books.