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Your right to photograph

Your right to photograph: When some paranoid starts twittering rubbish about “data protection” or “a breach of human rights” when you’re taking photos in a public place, wouldn’t it be great to whip out an up-to-date UK legal book on the law of photography and point out your rights? Yes, but it’ll cost you. £155, […]

Kate Oakley report

Literature review: A free Spring 2004 creative industries report, by the venerable Kate Oakley. Developing the evidence base for support of cultural & creative activities….

Tech marches on

Face off: Last week I was talking with my classes about the possibilities that open up for “the portrait” once you start to apply new technologies. You can see some of the potential in ‘Jeremiah’, a face that responds to what it ‘sees’ in front of it.

Flagship flunk

Flagship flunk: “…. a curious and intriguing city, in which some interesting art is being made and shown. Unfortunately if you are not in the know, much of the city’s cultural life will remain invisible, confined to small, under-resourced artist-led studios and galleries dotted around the city’s fringes and interfaces. Even a modest increase in […]

Come, friendly CPO’s, and fall on Stoke

“Come, friendly CPOs & fall on Stoke”: The new H.M. Land Registry figures are out. The Stoke-on-Trent housing market continues its long boom; my terrace rose in value by around £400 a week from July to Sept. Not as astounding as the £700 a week from April – June, but still pretty good.

3rd dimension

3rd dimension: 3D performance-captured CG animated movies, with no film used at any point in the production process. They’ve arrived. And in a few years, maybe, 3D TV broadcasts too.

Mooronification & Bush

Mooronification: Back in January, my New Year predictions predicted (tongue in-cheek) that Bush would win – and that many would then credit the new Michael Moore documentary for helping him to victory. In the end, I wasn’t sure Moore had much to do it; but today the veteran commentator Mark Steyn gives Moore a large […]

Spooky photos

Spooky photos:The photos below are just a tad too late for Halloween, sorry. I went out yesterday to see if I could make some eerie images, locally. The obvious choice was to cycle up to The Old Abandoned Quarry (I think they filmed some hide-behind-the-settee episodes of Dr. Who here, in the 70s)…. (large version, […]