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Free to freelance

Free to freelance: A side-effect of the (still continuing, just more slowly) UK house-price boom; a boom in freelance start-ups. Let’s hope they realise one of the keys to success; create on-demand products that sell again & again, to cushion you between the short-term ‘worker-for-hire’ commissions. I woke up this morning to find that various […]

Ink fingers

Inky fingers: Excellent; I sent my recent ‘blog Inkulator9000 posting to NTK, and they ran with it.

House that

House that: It’s now been three years since I moved into my new house. If I combine the rent-money I’ve been saved + the steep rise in the value of my house – it comes to a combined saving/gain of £1220 per month. Around here, that’s a good salary.

Bad timing – PayPal in meltdown

Bad timing:Talk about bad timing. The day after eBay roll out their expensive UK TV-ads campaign, PayPal goes into global meltdown.

Photofest’s 2004 site

Photofest’s 2004 site: The Hereford Photography Festival has its new 2004 web site online.

Thinking photography conference

Thinking Photography: Academic photography conferences are popping up like daisies, it seems. As the latest addition to the BIAD/UCE & ICA ones, the University of Durham has announced a 3-day international conference on Photography Studies; Thinking Photography (again) from 7th-9th July 2005. It does feature Victor Burgin as a guest (a 70s & 80s Structuralist […]

Micro-landscapes of rock (photos)

Micro-landscapes of rock:If I can’t easily get up to the wild parts of the Peak District National Park, I can at least photograph the micro-landscapes of rocky industrial clinker on a nearby wasteland at Chatterley. This will be swept away very soon, to create a 5000-job “eco business-park” on the site…. (large version, 77kb) (large […]

Florida’s tidal wave

Florida’s tidal wave: A new article by Richard Florida, on the way that the USA’s abundance of creative talent is now overflowing and spreading out across the world. The beneficiaries? In Europe, mainly the more open & liberalised “quality-of-life” countries; Finland, Holland, Ireland. (Health warning: like all Florida’s short articles, it should be taken with […]


Books2Google: Google: Print. Currently in beta, it lets you search the contents of “real-world” books, by keyword or phrase. Talking of search-engines, there’s now a new JISC-sponsored & moderated UK arts & creative industries search-engine called Artifact.


FLIP:FLIP is a two-day animation-production fest in Wolverhampton, with a range of interesting-sounding talks & panels on Friday 22nd October. And it’s free.

Auto strips

Auto strips: Readers may remember my Photoshop Action for the comic-book look, and my monitoring of the emerging comic production software. One small step towards a workable automated comic-book production app may be Inkulator9000. Admittedly, it turns Poser figures into art that wouldn’t look out of place in a hastily drawn Battle Action strip, circa […]

Faces in the gallery

Faces in a gallery: Future Face is a major exhibition now on at The Science Museum. It surveys a variety of emerging themes, including medical reconstruction, face evaluation and face-recognition tech. It doesn’t concentrate only on “virtual faces”, although the complementary Perfectly Real exhibition over at Waterman’s Gallery covers that. The vision of images of artificial […]

Web design

Early site-ing: Web Design: the first decade, a conference in Holland in January 2005. [Hat-tip for the link: Julian Bull].