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TV-b-gone: Is there a Nobel Prize for Electronics? If so, we have a candidate.

Henge today, gone tommorrow

Henge today, gone tommorrow: My large ‘brick henge’ artwork (pic) has stood at the yard next to the x-ray factory for well over a year now, intact & untouched. But sadly it’s now gone, replaced by ominous portacabins and a scraped-clean surface.

Creative Robotics conference

All singing, all dancing: A one-day UK conference on Creative Robotics in April 2005.

Muffled moggies

Muffled moggies: Super; a British Shorthair cat that doesn’t make the owner sneeze.

Bus stories

Bus stories: I just heard that photographer Daniel Meadows is running a workshop in Hereford on 13th November ’04, on digital storytelling (£5 per ticket –

iD magazine online

iD: The online presence of iD magazine has developed significantly over the last year, including offering an e-version of the monthly edition. Some free content too; dig the latest ‘Annie Hall meets Baden-Powell’ womenswear look.


Intuos2mailbox My new Wacom Intuos2 arrived yesterday, and it’s superb. The manual is a little skimpy though; so those buying an Intuos may be interested in this free chapter of the book Graphic Tablet Solutions, on how to configure the Wacom Control Panel (PDF), and a tutorial on setting up optimised brushes in Photoshop 7 […]

Pen pushers

Pen pushers: It seems that replacing a mouse with a graphics tablet has a lot of ramifications.

Xmas comes early

Xmas comes early: I’ve just emptied my PayPal account for a new Wacom Intuos2 6×8 (£100 inc. delivery), to replace my old (very old, very beige) Wacom ArtPad II.

Home sheet home

Home sheet home: The Telegraph on earthships, ultra-cheap homes made from recycled materials and earth. (Free registration required.)


Crafty: Why is ‘craft’ not ‘design’? Icon magazine investigates.

Morrowind IV

On the morrow: Mmm… Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, coming in early 2006? Maybe.


Interviews: Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery has exclusive long interviews with contemporary British photographers online. Check the “past exhibitions” section to find more interviews; with the likes of Patrick Shanahan, Sunil Gupta, & others.

Two new online comics magazines

No spandex allowed: Two new online review-style magazines, each aiming to take non-superhero graphic-novels seriously as an art form:- The WebComics Examiner & The Graphic Novel Review.

Archive magazine

Archive: Another addition to the British ‘modern history + photography’ boomlet; Archive magazine.

Photo Research hub

Photo Research hub: A new, enthusiast-driven, site on UK photography research; It’s part of a trend: the new Centre for Photographic Research at Newport, Wales; the three major

Two new books on comics

Two new books on comics: Comics Above Ground: how sequential art affects mainstream media looks at how comics emerged from their ghetto to storm the world of big-money movies, computer games, and a host of other lucrative forms. True Brit is a 130,000-word cultural history that tells the story of British comics from the 1890s […]

Inkulator 9000 does Slashdot

Slashdotted: Even more excellent; my Inkulator9000 posting of last week has bounced off this Friday’s NTK onto… the front page of Slashdot. From my humble blog to the biggest techie blog on the planet, in two easy stages.

Tony Ray-Jones

Tony Ray-Jones: A large Tony Ray-Jones retrospective is being held in Bradford’s new photography gallery, to co-incide with the new Tony Ray-Jones book. The two previous Tony-Ray Jones books had become near-unobtainable, and then only by those who could afford £200+ for a copy. Thankfully, the new one retails for £30.

Yellowed Print Road

Yellowed Print Road: Elton John; photography collector.