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What (Bl**dy Well) Happened Here?

What (Bl**dy Well) Happened Here?: The first of three major ICA conferences, What Happened Here: Photography in Britain since 1968, is to be held in Bradford on 14th October 2004. A groundbreaking topic for a conference, I’ve been looking forwards to it, and I’d love to go. But I’ll be teaching, along with hundreds of […]


“Ixia!” “Bless you.” Before you’ve even had a chance to say hello, the Birmingham-based Public Art Forum has re-named and re-url’ed itself.

Origin of the Staffordshire knot

Origin of the Staffordshire knot:I’m placing a high-res copy of a photo online, “royalty free”. I took it on my way to photograph the ‘Folk in Stoke’ folk festival. It shows the ancient Anglian cross that still stands in Stoke town churchyard. The cross is a relic from the original stone church, built on the […]

Blog this (Andrew Sullivan on weblogs)

Blog this: Andrew Sullivan has a concise article detailing the rise of the weblogs and their collective influence on news reporting (Times, free registration required). Sullivan, of course, is the weblogger who exposed the repeated lies of reporter Jayson Blair, leading to the sacking of the top brass at The New York Times.

Forging ahead (Mark Steyn)

Forging ahead: The delicious Mark Steyn, on the Memogate scandal.

Floats my boat

Floats my boat: I’ve been invited for an early-evening chat by Stoke‘s elected Mayor, about using creative professionals in future regeneration. One of the things I’ve been thinking about is how we might change the car-borne perception of Stoke as a ‘weedy post-industrial wasteland’. Being an off-road cyclist on the many greenways, I see little […]

Say cheese

Say cheese: The West Midlands apparently now produces more varieties of cheese than the whole of France.

Shape of things to come

Shape of things to come: The Shape of Days weblog is doing great investigative stuff with the fake Bush memos. Typography geeks & weblogs change the course of history. Who’d have thought it?

Typography & blogs: The typography geek’s weblog is onto the faked Bush memos.

level mod (computer games in UK)

level mod: Two interesting new reports on the growth of the UK computer-games industry.

Watergate, redux

Watergate, redux: Now that the “Bush memo’s” have been exposed as fakes, weblogs are tracking down the source of the memos. The digging so far seems to point to the Kerry campaign, via either Dan Rather’s daughter or Ben Barnes himself. There’s a good chance that over the next ten days we’ll see weblogs break […]

Right type

Super script: Weblogs once again do what the lamestream media should have done. Their collective investigative journalism (for that is what it is) exposes the CBS “Bush memos” as blatant & crude forgeries.

dates or prunes?

dates or prunes?: Since the spring, I’ve occasionally looked in on the allegedly ‘biggest’ UK dating site It’s now nine months since I first took a look. The same faces are still coming up for a local search. These faces have been on for at least nine months and probably longer. Either Match doesn’t […]


lamestream: A very likeable & timely new word has hit the d’log radar; lamestream. Referring to the mainstream media’s general shallowness.

Feel the power

Feel the power: My bike is at last back on the road again; I had to wait three months for a specialist repair to be completed via ‘parts from Germany’.


-ette: A new Brummie & Staffordshire weblog that I’m starting to visit regularly.

Beyond words.

Beyond words: It seems difficult to believe. BBC Radio just broadcast an afternoon play which was a highly sympathetic account (in detail, with repeated extracts from a training manual) of the steps by which a 16-year-old suicide bomber schoolgirl prepares to kill American soldiers. She succeeds. It was broadcast on the day of the Beslan […]

Regional Assembly

All of a sudden, we apparently have a ‘West Midlands Regional Assembly’. They kept that one quiet. Were we asked, did we vote on having it, did we elect its members? No. Heard about Prescott’s plan to combine the East & West Midlands into one unit? No, I didn’t think so.

Young Fogeys go cutting-edge

Young Fogeys go cutting-edge: As I told you at the start of March; here come the young fogeys (Times; free registration required). This new survey of (middle-upper class) UK trendsetters conforms with the 2002 Corporate Edge survey on young people’s attitude to Britishness, the spring edition of trend-forecasting bible Viewpoint, and the ‘Straight Edgers’ youth-thing […]

Creative spaces

“They wanted a bright, cheerful space that promoted creativity”: Thinking back on what we did at re:location & the factory, and having read about the new ‘tent-building technologies’ and ‘nomadic bubbles’, I wondered if anyone had done any good research on exactly what sort of spaces best promote creativity. Doubtless it has something to do […]