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The creative city, redux

The creative city, redux: Back in March I wrote about how Richard Florida’s work on the creative industries & creative cities was starting to have some hard questions thrown at it. Now, Florida has replied to his critics. Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention the work of Terry Nichols Clark. Clark’s detailed study found “weak or zero […]

Egg dippies

Egg dippies:William Eggleston has launched his own web-site. Lots of images, and it’s encouraging to see a major photographer not using Flash.

New photos

New photos: (large version, 75kb) (large version, 95kb)


SatMap:Free online data-files from ten days of work on the space shuttle. Dull, you may say. But what a ten days; they made files that map the whole of the UK at 1:50,000. Copyright free, and due to be released into the wild in a few weeks. Overlay free satellite photos onto those elevation maps, […]

More (depressing) films about photographers

More (depressing) films about photographers:Diane Arbus is set for the biopic treatment, to be titled Fur. Arbus created images that were often bizarre or disturbing, before she committed suicide in 1971. And High Art, out now, is a lesbian love-story about a “doomed” heroin-addict photographer and her assistant. Better sprinkle some Prozac on your popcorn […]

Electric Bikes legal in UK

Electric Bikes legal in UK:The new A2B magazine reports that the Department for Transport is now clearly stating that electric bicycles can supply power without being pedalled. This means that electric bikes in the UK are still legal, even after the crazed old prunes of the EC decided users should pedal to keep the motor […]

West Midlands Life

“Life, Jim, but not as we know it”:The West Midlands, due to spring into Life in, er, Spring 2004.

DVD diddle

DVD diddle:My old DVD-ROM player gave up the ghost; some fault with the spin-up motor as far as I could tell. I splashed £29 on a new Samsung SD-616 at PC World (£10 too expensive; but no P&P cost, no waiting for delivery, no hanging around for some 7am courier). I then flashed the firmware […]

Socket & see (e-mail kaput)

socket & see:After several tests, it seems that the D’log FormMail sockets have definitely sprung a leak and are not getting e-mail to me. Since I hope to move the D’log site to a new host sometime before Christmas, it’s really not worth moaning at my host’s customer-service automatons. So; if you’re recently used the […]

History, finished

History, finished:Phew; after three years (on & off), I’ve finally completed my 9,000-word short history of the valley I live in, from the Neolithic to the Victorians. Others had done admirable stuff with sifting the fine-detail of the post-1770 industrial “pots, canals, steel & coal” era, but no-one had “put all the peices together” to […]

Pangur Ban

Monk & moggie:A very fine translation of the Pangur Ban (8th century Irish poem, by a monk about his cat).

Zinken – archeoblog

Zinken of you:zinken, a rather-good archeology news-blog.


eBay2granny:Is there a social need for post-bereavement ‘house clearances’ with a difference? How about a “we photograph & list all your non-furniture items on eBay, and then go halves with you” service for widows & widowers? The difference would be, it’d be a lot fairer than some tattoo’d lout saying; “£100 quid for the lot, […]

‘The isle is full of noises’:I applied today for an artist’s residency. If I get it, I’ll be going to a remote island next spring!

Cartier-Bresson has died

Gone:Cartier-Bresson has died. A lesser known quote: “Think about the photo before and after, never during. The secret is to take your time – the subject must forget about you.”