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Table rose (new light-table)

Table rose: I’ve made a basic light-table to photograph small objects. I tested it today, and this is the first result… (large version, 65kb)


Drool:I’d love one of these beauties (JPG, 42kb); but, sadly, they cost three times the price of a normal kayak, at £1500 + shipping from the USA. Still, a case-study in using innovation (in this case adding pedalling-power to a boat) leading to the ability to charge a healthy premium price for a product. Where […]

Infra-red digital photography

IR:If you want to do infra-red photography with a digital camera , then this site seems a good place to start.

More on bike-boat hybrids

More on bike-boat hybrids:A useful comparison chart of the various commercial options, by an independent user. While you’re there, have a look at the ultra-lightweight Geodesic Boats; modern coracles?

Design of the times

Design of the times:ICON magazine has a full transcript of a recent round-table discussion on design education.

Coracle makers

Coracles:In the Midlands & the Welsh Marches, coracle makers are still making these ancient boats. They’re affordable too, at around £250. Sadly, they’re really only for river-crossing and fishing; and are not suited to travelling down an otherwise un-navigable river (say, Stoke to Derby on the upper River Trent). For something like that you’d need […]

Sense of Place

Sense of Place:Sites of Meaning in the Peak District National Park; and Silicon Fen, seven new-media artworks inspired by the flat landscapes & wide skies of East Anglia.

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Rhubarb Rhubarb:There’s lots of juiciness in the new 2004 Rhubarb Rhubarb festival programme. The Orange Studio (Cannon Street, central Birmingham) now has an all-year gallery space for photographers curated by RR.