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PotSoc:The Poetry Society are slowly putting some of the many British poetry magazines online, full-text and searchable.


LIP:The Journal of London Independent Photography has several years of back issues online, for free.

Vanity Fair (Broad Street, Birmingham)

Vanity Fair:Theodore Dalrymple does Broad Street, Birmingham.

Britain’s top 100 intellectuals

Brains:Prospect magazine chooses Britain’s top 100 intellectuals. For the top five, I voted for: Brian Eno, Christopher Hitchens, Melanie Phillips, Roger Scruton, Seamus Heaney. Theodore Dalrymple, Peter Tachell, & Andrew Sullivan are missing; in action, presumably.

Photography redux

Photography redux:A beguiling & precise phrase from last weeks’ Telegraph review, by Sebastian Smee, of the Jacques Henri Lartigue show in London…. “To pore over his albums, which have never before been displayed outside France, is to feel photography stripped of the scaffolding of theory and pretension erected around it in recent years, and returned […]

Housey housey

Housey housey:Getting fed up with lazy journalism about house prices? Me too. In plain English, these ten factors are why our housing market is booming: 1) there are simply more ‘households’ around to fill houses – people now live longer, live alone, get divorced more often, there is significant ongoing immigration, and full employment means […]

Maybe next year

Maybe next year:I’ve unaccountably been omitted from The Observer newspaper’s list of 80 Prodigiously Talented Young People. Oh well, there’s always next year 😉

House nouse

House nouse:A new Common Purpose survey suggests that, as I’ve said here before, the thirtysomething downshifters are being shadowed by stay-put creatives and knowledge-workers who are using their house-values as capital to start new businesses. It may even be that the downshifters are doing something similar – a survey last week found the average downshifter […]

Glass Festival

Glass Festival:I was down in Birmingham yesterday, visiting friends Nigel & Sabine, and picked up an advance brochure for the fab-looking first International Festival of Glass, to be held in the Black Country in September 2004. What I liked most was the prominence given to practical “hands-on” & workshops, and the long duration of the […]

Cycling across England – the blog

Wheelog:He’s riding across England, as slowly as possible. The blog is live now and he’s a week into the journey.

Right on

Right on:Christopher Hitchens dissects Fahrenheit 9/11, while the magnificent Melanie Phillips shreds the ‘no Saddam-link’ media spin.

Staffordshire, the invisible county

The Invisible County:Staffordshire has recently had new road-signs erected at the county borders, grandly declaring us “The Creative County“. A fraction of the money from just one of these signs might better have been spent on getting regular listings for our galleries in AN magazine’s gallery-listings section. Since AN readers during the last three years […]

Conferences on the history of photography

Midcons:Two conferences on the history of photography are being planned, and they’re both to be held here in the Midlands. Mapping the Cultural Periodicals of Photography conference will happen from 4th to 5th September 2004, at dear old BIAD, UCE, Birmingham. One of a trio, What Happened Here? Photography in Britain since 1968 will happen […]

Next Level ‘zine

Next Level:Another new British paper-based photography magazine; Next Level. (Flash only).

Village in the city (home buyers abandon ‘coffee-bar & gyms’ areas)

Village in the city:The methodology of the survey isn’t discussed in any detail, but there seems to be a possible interesting shift in values among those looking to buy a home in the near future… “Two years ago a survey of 1,000 homeowners and 200 estate agents found that people on the move wanted to […]

Under the hammer

Under the hammer:An interesting (though flawed; it doesn’t mention eBay) analysis of why the middle-market British antiques trade is going through hard times, while car-booters, eBay-ers, and high-class niche dealers thrive:- few US tourists with fat wallets and no sense of taste, high shop rents, fewer British buyers with house-room for naff/tasteless 19th century items; […]

Spray & pay (3M Photo Mount)

Spray & pay:3M Photo Mount spray; potentially nasty stuff (PDF data-sheet, 50kb). Use only with a respirator, goggles and gloves.

Flower-fairy erotica

Only in Britain:Flower-fairy erotica helps launch a new Nokia mobile cam-phone.

Sticky-backed plastic – camera fixed

Sticky-backed plastic:Watching all that Blue Peter obviously had some effect. Since I seem to have fixed my broken Fuji Finepix 601 digicam. The camera would work OK for a short while with a bit of tapping and a firm thumb-press on a particular spot on the case. But keeping the thumb pressed there while taking […]

New photography magazine

New photography mag:We have a new UK-based art photography bi-monthly, AK47. It’s free, it’s online, it’s just published the third issue.