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Double exposure

Double exposure:Two long feature-articles on uncompromising British photographers; one in The Observer (Johnnie Shand Kydd), and the other in The Sunday Herald (Joseph McKenzie).

From mud to honey

From mud to honey:Following on from my recent interest in the resurrection of cob-house making in Wales, Kaki Hunter shows how to make a Honey House using material that costs a mere $1 a ton. Kaki has a new book on the techniques coming out next month. Yes, that Kaki Hunter; the fantastically beautiful chipped-tooth […]

Creative Clusters 2004 – my report

Creative Clusters report:Version 1.4 of my report on the ‘Sense of Place’ Symposium & Creative Clusters 2004 conference is now available (PDF file, 575kb). I used the layout as a learning-exercise in using Adobe InDesign.

Nottingham Photography Festival

Drawing with Light:Hmm… hadn’t spotted that one; it seems Nottingham has a new Photography Festival.

Hidden Rivers

Hidden Rivers:The deadline’s been & gone, but the project sounds fascinating. Create public artworks that mark the courses of the hidden rivers that run beneath a city.

SAM Books

SAM Books:SAM Books is a mail-order service that specialises in books for arts professionals, and now offers a free ‘new titles alert’ service by e-mail.

Some recent arts reports

Some recent reports:Mentioned at the Creative Clusters conference…. The British Music Market – in comparison with the French music market.; Don’t Give Up Your Day Job – an economic study of professional artists in Australia.; NESTA’s Barriers to the Realisation of Creative Ideas; A Report on the Effectiveness of Arts Organisations’ e-marketing activities; and Fewer […]

Creative Clusters report v1.0

Creative Clusters report:Version 1.0 of my initial report on Creative Clusters 2004 is now available (PDF file, 135kb).

Brighton seafront at dusk (photos)

Brighton seafront at dusk:I took only my antique (circa 1998) Fuji Finepix digicam on my recent trip to Brighton. The conference proceedings would have made a very boring set of photos, and camera s wouldn’t have been welcome anyway; but these few photos were made during a walk along the seafront as the dusk was […]


8.30am:My 10 minutes of fame came & went today; I was interviewed about my series of door photos on the BBC Radio Stoke Breakfast Show.


Talk:I gave a short illustrated talk, mainly about my photography, tonight to a local creatives-networking group. The venue was out-of-the-way, the weather wasn’t good, and it was scheduled rather too close to the Bank Holiday – but about 15 people turned up, and it went well. I was pleased to see how a quality new […]


“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”ArtsView‘s current front-page lead story… “Brum Culture Bid Boost – Birmingham today received a massive boost in its bid to become European Capital of Culture 2008.” Ahem.

Creative Clusters

Creative Clusters:Phew! I just got back from Brighton and the Creative Clusters 04 conference. There’ll be a full report here soon.