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“Black sky” B&W from digital

“Black sky” B&W from digital: Many people think you can’t get a viable “Ansel Adams style” heavy-black sky from a digital camera . Photoshop ‘s Channel Mixer goes some way towards mimicing the heavy red glass filter, it’s true, but the results look a bit “infra-red” or are otherwise inadequate. But according to the Photoshop […]

Filters for digital SLRs

Filters:A useful & comprehensive guide to using filters with a digital SLR camera . No, not Photoshop filters; the physical Hoya/Cokin type that slot in front of the lens. Tips for fellow Canon 300D owners: infra-red filters & heavy red won’t work. The 300D’s CCD Bayer Array can’t handle the red, and there’s an anti-IR-filter […]

25 under 25

25 under 25:The Digital Journalist has a fascinating 25 under 25 feature, on emerging documentary photographers. Misty Keasler is particularly impressive; radically breaking free of the West’s cliched victimhood-photography of Eastern European orphanages.


Photoblogs:A large index of UK photoblogs.


Doorstepping:Must be something in the air about authentic terraces. I used the terraced house series of photos on the new front page of Creative Stoke. Ten days later a new official site promoting Stoke appears, with a front-page Flash-splash featuring…. a terrace doorstep (albeit a rather nice gentrified one)

Down to the woods again (tree photo)

Down to the woods again:I re-photographed that old tree again; this time with a tripod and better light… (large version, 190kb).

Wolvo £6m creative industries centre

Nice one:Wolverhampton opens a new £6m “high-technology creative industries” centre. Perhaps they can invent a self-healing bicycle-tyre; I mended three punctures in mine today.

Cycling for 120 years in 2005

Cycling for 120 years:This year sees the 150th anniversary of the birth of the inventor & builder of the first modern bicycle. 2005 sees the 120th anniversary of that bicycle. John Kemp Starley was the nephew of a major tricycle maker in Coventry. In 1885 he came up with the new two-wheeled frame design, driven […]

Gardens (Jarman & Hamilton-Finlay)

Gardens:There’s to be a day event at the Tate about Derek Jarman’s garden, in July. It includes a site visit to the garden at Dungeness. If you can’t get there, there’s a photobook by Howard Sooley, Derek Jarman’s Garden. Also; I missed the news of a new photobook of another garden that dances with the […]


Glasgow:An interesting article on the factors that have contributed to the long-term cultural revival of Glasgow.

Down to the woods today

Down to the woods today: I found a way into a huge old wood, just a fifteen-minute cycle ride from my house… (large version, 160kb) Also; here’s a free stock medium-res photo of a nice example of some coltsfoot (320kb). Coltsfoot is an ancient plant; the flowers appear first, the leaves later. Before tobacco was […]