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e-book hope (Sony LIBRIe)

eBook hope:PDA-delivered e-books have blazed the trail, so Sony is releasing a new dedicated e-book reader, the LIBRIe. It should be going mass-market in Japan about now. Expensive; yes (I could get a Sony Clie for less), but it’s likely to be discounted as newer models come out. Batteries; the Librie uses four AAA normal […]

Scotch mist (Scottish reaction to CI report)

Scotch mist:The Scotsman newspaper is on the case of this week’s vapourous cultural-industries report from Scotland… “To judge by this week’s uninspiring and indecisive cultural review document from the Scottish Executive, Jack McConnell and his ministers, despite all their fine words about making creativity central to the Scotland of the future, seem not to have […]

Hand-made Photography Books

Hand-made books:Camera Arts magazine has a

Shop Assistants (the band)

Shoppies:Talk about pent-up demand; the CD re-release of The Shop Assistants’ first album just went for £51.99 on eBay.

Instant photography books

Instant photography books:A print-on-demand square-spine 20-page photography book, size 8″ x 6″, four-colour ink on heavy glossy acid-free paper, for only $9.95 (about £5 & postage to the UK). Apparently MyPublisher uses Indigo digital presses; so it’s not Tashen quality, and you wouldn’t want gallerists & collectors squinting closely at the print quality. But there […]

To the clay pits (three new photos)

To the clay pits: (large version, 124kb) (large version, 184kb) (large version, 120kb)

Phota job

Phota job:The Hereford Photography Festival organisers are planning for 2004 and need paid staff. Hurry, deadline is the 29th.

David J Osborn landscapes

Panowhamo!Most suitable for the eve of Shakespeare’s Birthday & St. George’s Day; David Osborn’s English Landscapes. Stunning.

Collecting photography books

Photography books:I got a first-edition copy of Ansel Adams’ Examples: the making of 40 photographs today. Rather worn, so it only cost about £15 inc. postage. Apparently, collecting photography books is steadily growing in popularity.

Dedicated B&W digital camera

Dedicated B&W digital camera :Would it be really really hard for manufacturers to make a dedicated black & white digital camera ? Because you can’t buy one at present. Mick Johnston is on the case.


AdWords:I’m now an advertising moghul, advertising on the biggest online resource on the planet. Ah, but… it’s only Google’s AdWords service, in order to flog my new Photoshop Action. Will it work? I’ll let you know in a week or so. Clickthroughs cost a mere 4p each, with a £1 per-day cap.

Digital Manifesto

Our ( camera ) bodies, ourselves:Editorial Photographers issue a Digital Manifesto for Freelancers.

Sporty Cameras

Sporty camera s:Fascinating technical article on how Sports Illustrated has developed its digital workflow… “For years with film, we’ve been fighting a battle between sharpness and grain, especially in low-light shots. You try to sharpen and you just end up building more graininess. I’m amazed at the quality we’re getting in low-light shots off our […]


Mapblog:UK Blog map, database-driven by postcode (zipcode) with interactive data-sensitive mapping. The front page doesn’t seem to believe that the West Midlands exists, but the county pages are online – such as Staffordshire.

Bounce the pop-up (flash-bounce for 300D)

Bounce the pop-up:Another one (PDF link) to add to the growing number of home-brew hacks for the hugely popular Canon 10D/300D/Rebel camera s. Even if you don’t find much use for it, you can play table-tennis with it instead.


Ecotone:Ecotone : writing about place. Includes discussions on “are weblogs a place?” and “the photography of place”. It’s a group wikiblog, which means that site navigation is nebulous. But keep at it; there are some interesting concepts floating around in there.

Two blogs

Two blogs:Panchromatica 2 is a photoblog worth seeing for his Poundbury photos (built according to the principles set out in Prince Charles’ book A Vision of Britain). He also has a main blog as well. Are we getting to the stage when online writers will increasingly be “two blogs bloggers”? I must say, though; I’ve […]

Script bit

Script bit: Adobe are offering an updated Photoshop Scripting plug-in; it now runs under Windows 98. It’s free.

Stock shock

Stock shock:A cautionary tale about the perils of relying on stock photography.

Shelton Bar Moon Rise (photo)

Shelton Bar Moon Rise: (large version, 126kb)