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Water plants in March (new photos)

Water plants in March: (large version, 68kb) (large version, 77kb)

New camera lens invented

Mobileye:A new type of camera lens has been invented. It works like an eye. Sadly, the companion artificial-brain is somewhat behind schedule.

Terrace doors (photos – classic English vernacular)

Terrace doors:More examples of the city‘s English vernacular in terraced homes… (large version, 80kb) (large version, 74kb) (large version, 88kb)

Treesides (new photos)

Treesides: (large version, 215kb) (large version, 195kb)

Canalside (three new photos)

Canalsides: (large version, 195kb) (large version, 150kb) (large version, 110kb)

Pinball & photography

Pinphot: Suddenly, my liking for pinsims doesn’t seem a totally useless activity. Playing PC pinball seems to be contributing to my improving documentary photography skills. Since much the same split-second calculations-of-geometry are called for, when photographing fluid social situations involving multiple participants and their trajectories.

Lake & sky (photo)

Lake & sky: (large version, 102kb)

Acid Paper (academic paper on design history)

Acid paper:An interesting paper, The Redundancy of Design History. (Hat-tip: Mark Wood)

Nevin Nevin Land

Off to Nevin Nevin Land: Of course, for every ’70s Bleak Place in the city, there are thirty other places with a vernacular Victorian/Edwardian charm. Such as these two in Tunstall. The man who wants to knock down 14,000 such homes announced his resignation today, only two weeks before his unworkable plan is to be […]