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Flashing indicators (PFI’s for the Arts)

Flashing indicators:There’s an interesting list of Local Performance Indicators for the Arts (PDF, 950kb), in this March 2003 report. They’re more than slightly about ‘box-ticking’; but might aid the tricky (perhaps impossible) task of developing the sturdy criteria needed to rank different geographical areas for ‘creativity’.

The Nature of Order

The Nature of Order:For those who’ll never read the first two volumes of The Nature of Order, Wired magazine provides a handy crib sheet on the key concepts.

The Nature of Order

The Nature of Order:For those who’ll never read the The Nature of Order, Wired magazine provides a handy crib sheet on the key design concepts.

NESTA egg (new creative industries report)

NESTA egg:A new report from NESTA, New solutions to old problems: investing in the creative industries. While the sector is an export heavyweight (as a whole we contribute 7.9% of all GDP, and a massive 1% of all GDP is provided by Stoke-on-Trent‘s potteries alone), it seems that only a quarter of venture capitalists will […]

Photo Bus (site & photo book)

Photo Bus:Photobus – and the book is still in-print as The Bus: The Free Photographic Omnibus, 1973-2001. (Hat tip: Brendan & Andy)

A bleak place (photo)

A bleak place: A road-sign, or is it a curse…. (large version, 120kb)

Singing Detective out on DVD

Singing Detective:One of the greatest and most literate achievements of British television drama is finally to be released on DVD next month. Dennis Potter’s BBC series The Singing Detective should be available from 8th March. Over six hours on a two-DVD set, for only £15.99. It’ll include the Arena Dennis Potter interview and a documentary […]

Cluster fluster

Cluster fluster:Creative Clusters 2004 has just opened conference registration today. The site now has the full programme online. And there’s a very interesting pre-conference Symposium, all about Cultural Tourism. I’d love to attend, but there’s only ten weeks to go – while West Midlands Arts takes 12 weeks to process grant applications. I’ve sent in […]

Recipe for DVD relish (get & play region 1 DVDs)

Recipe for DVD relish:Multi-region DVD players are everywhere these days. But you’ll need a new NTSC-capable TV to watch US DVDs. Hmm…. expensive. So, you might be thinking of playing US DVDs on your PC? Who wouldn’t, with the dollar/pound exchange-rate the way it is, and’s bargains only a click away. But there’s that […]

blog = occassional cat photos

blog = occassional cat photos: A couple of kitsch thumbnails of snaps taken on Friday, on the way to the launch event for Mark Wood’s new multi-screen artwork at Bradeley Village. Yes, a cat photo. It had to happen, this is a weblog you know.

English seaside design (New CABE report)

CABE-on-Sea:CABE has a free publication online, Shifting Sands: Design and the Changing Image of Seaside Towns (PDF, 513kb)

LibDem Watch

LibDem Watch:A nice example of how weblogs are having an increasing effect on politics; the hilarious LibDem Watch. If you chuckle at Private Eye‘s ‘Rotten Borough’ news pages, then you’ll enjoy this.

noBuy (fail to sell photo print on eBay)

noBuy:My sample attempt to sell a print on eBay didn’t get any bids. I might try one more time. I did, though, sell my Sony Minidisc player on eBay for £50; which isn’t bad considering I paid £99 for it three years ago. And today’s Land Registry house-price figures show that (at the end of […]

“Isn’t this meant to be a photoblog?”

“Isn’t this meant to be a photoblog?”: “Er, yes…” (he replied, sheepishly). I have been taking lots of pictures; but they’re all for a paying commission to document the work of ten artists in Stoke-on-Trent, and so can’t be seen in public. Here’s a couple of thumbnails from some of the incidental images, taken on […]

Crafts in fashion

New Authenticity (TM):Stand by your beds; the New Authenticity’s on its way. Ironic po-mo conceptualist art OUT, hand-made craft objects IN.

Folklore & ancient places of Mercia

Mercia:A very fine-looking site with photographs & text about the folklore and ancient sites of the kingdom of Mercia (now known as the West Midlands, 1000 years later). Slightly less mystical, though from the same place, is the eBrummie Dictionary & Phrasebook.

It hade to happen (300d firmware hack released)

It had to happen:After small hacks like FECSet (set Flash Exposure Compensation) and the 2.5mm jack trick (forces continuous AI Servo AF), now someone’s released a full firmware hack for my Canon 300D camera . This one apparently enables some of the advanced features of the 10D. Read about it and find it here, but […]

Goose, golden eggs, etc. (opne source Media Player clones)

Goose, golden eggs, etc…:Real Alternative, and QuickTime Alternative. Open Source freeware alternatives to the bloatware / nagware / spyware applications called Quicktime Player & RealOne Player. The Open Source versions play back media using a lightweight Open Source clone of Windows Media Player, called Media Player Classic. That’s right; one single player can now play […]

fewBuy (few photo sales on eBay)

fewBuy:Oddly, it seems that a photographer is just as likely to sell a print on eBay UK as on eBay USA. B&W seem more likely to sell than colour. But there are not many buyers in either the USA or UK; most prints struggle to get a bid, and few get above the £10 mark. […]

eBay gum (selling photos on eBay)

eBay gum:Nice article giving guidance on selling contemporary photography on eBay.