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Pier review (London creatives move to the seaside)

Pier review:In relation to my recent posting about creative downshifters and the chance re-locating artists have to re-imagine & re-enchant their new landscapes, the latest Artists Newsletter magazine has a four-page article about artists who have recently moved out of London to the seaside, with a focus on the towns of Margate/Ramsgate and their North […]

pBase randomiser

pBase:Generate a page containing a random selection of photos from pBase, a site where people can store public photo archives. Three goes on it led me to this big page of marvelous moggies.

Provincial life (Matthew Parris on provincial towns)

Provincial life:Matthew Parris in The Spectator, on the renaissance of the provincial towns, and the subtle pleasures of rail travel… “There is an England from which London can be subtracted, which still has sense and form, bits of which can visit other bits of which without even thinking of the metropolis.”

Top 10 pinball simulations

PinSims: Does the New Authenticity mean I can now admit to enjoying pinball? Without people laughing? Let’s hope so. OK, I admit they’re fairly meaningless games; but, as meaningless experiences go, I find them pretty entertaining. It’s something to do with that odd blend of popular culture, engineering/craft, and fine skill vs. blind luck. Topped […]

Best British art gallery – in Brum

Best British art gallery:Blimey. According to the new Good Britain Guide, Birmingham’s Barber Institute of Fine Arts is their Gallery of the Year. It’s an unassuming, out-of-the way building on the campus of the University of Birmingham.

More on downshifting

More on downshifting:Friends & acquaintances keep telling me they’re soon to move out to rural areas, priced out or cashing-out of the cities. One’s off to start a smallholding in Cork, another to a farmhouse perched atop a hill west of Oswestry, another to an animal-sanctuary in Bangor, yet another to Llandudno. All will retain […]

Just wild (solar jacket for £180)

Just wild:It’s always a criticism of using a digital camera while walking or cycling long-distance through a landscape. You’re trecking far away from electric sockets, you crest a ridge and… there’s a great photo. Whip out your digital camera and… the battery’s dead. You’re miles from the nearest electricity socket. A £180 solution is at […]

Virginia Astley’s “From Gardens Where…” – re-released

Gardening:Perfectly timed for the incipient folk-noir revival, Virginia Astley‘s seminal From Gardens Where We Feel Secure was re-released, re-mastered, in November by Rough Trade.

Pondlife (new photo)

Pondlife:No filters or special effects used on this one at all…. (large version, 120kb)

Light wallet (new Marantz projector)

Light wallet:Marantz has debuted its HD “digital light projector” which should be of great interest to some galleries and light-artists. Contrast ratio: 2600:1 (double what could previously be done, and as good as any cathode monitor). Colour fidelity: as good as HDTV. Images size: wall-size +. Drawback: the 1,280 x 720 pixel image sounds a […]

Web 3D, redux

Web 3D, redux:You only have a week before the deadline for Web3DArt 2004. California-based, fab multiwordnogaps title, students can enter, winners will be shown at SIGGRAPH 2004. This isn’t your grandpa’s creaky crash-prone VRML. Honest; just ignore that rendered cube on the front page, and the naff 1996-style ‘3D word logo’ on inner pages. W3D […]


Luv:It’s five weeks to Valentine’s Day, and the crocusses and the dating books are a’ stirring. (Times, free registration required).


Safe:Kept in sub-zero vaults below a mountain, surrounded by armed guards. Sadly, not Ken Livingston & Claire Short. It’s the 11 million photographic prints of the Bill Gates-owned Bettmann Archive. (Times, free registration required).

London Fair (art fairs)

London Fair:The Spectator on the boom in art fairs in… you guessed it, London. And only London. Interestingly though, there’s a new Photo-London Fair (20th–23th May). That might be worth spending the rail & tube fare to see; if only to see what’s for sale, what sells and for how much.

Test – PC’s faster than Macs for digi photographers

Macs vs. PC’s:An exhaustive bench test oriented around the needs of digital photographers. Conclusion; “the PC was faster in 58 of 77 benchmarks.”

Perceptive (clean up ‘towns by train’)

Perceptive:Back in October I blogged about the way that approaching a town or city by train often doesn’t fit with a first-time visitor’s PR-driven perceptions. Today Birmingham City Council announces… “Railway lines into Birmingham which have become rubbish dumps are to be cleaned up in a bid to improve the city’s gateways.”

Wurdz (

Wurdz:Definition of Urban Dictionary; an awesomely comprehensive and fully-searchable dictionary of contemporary English street/geek slang, hip allusions, and media-borne neologisms. Anyone can write a definition; no registration required; and because of this it’s most useful when you read or hear a word/phrase used and want to know what it means.

Everyday marvels

Everyday marvels:Gene has a wonderful posting on photographing everyday things.

Rhubarb & dates (Rhubarb Rhubard announces 2004 dates)

Rhubarb & dates:Rhubarb Rhubarb, Birmingham’s photography based ‘Festival of the Image’, has announced dates for 2004; 22nd – 25th July 2004.

Films about photographers

Films about photographers:I hadn’t noticed until recently, but there’s a whole crop of new DVD documentaries about photographers. Variable quality, from made-for-TV retreads to new feature-length films, but at least they exist. Although, of course, none have been released in Britain. Available from the USA, to those with DVD players in their PCs, are: Brett […]