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300d cool hack

300d cool hack:Got a 300D digital camera ? Want to force continuous AI Servo AF, outside of the ‘Sports’ mode? Of course you do – ‘Sports’ is a full-automatic setting, and doesn’t allow you to take RAW images. The solutions is to stick a 2.5mm mono audio jack (costs about 15 pence) into the camera […]

Water trail (photo)

Water trail: (large version, 43kb)

Bullish (Icon mag trashes the new Bullring)

Bullish:Oh dear; Icon magazine agrees with The Spectator in not liking Birmingham’s new Bullring: “It is built in the universal language of large-scale retail – beige brick-and-render curtain walling, with cosmetic modulation of the facades to pretend that the development is more than just a monolith. The detail of the join between Selfridges’ section of […]

Ramage rummage (‘blog in Manchester)

Ramage rummage:The weblog of a Manchester antiquarian bookseller. Not that exciting, you might think; until you see that he scans in the best of the graphic art he finds in old books & posters, and shows these on his blog. It makes me think that designers of contemporary posters and booklets might commission fine illustration […]

Photogle (Google’s photography shopping feature)

Photogle:It looks like Google might be ready to bring Froogle, their shopping directory service, out of beta. Which means it should then open up to non-USA sellers. Their main Photography Prints page looks a little naff, perhaps “not really worth bothering with wresting with the data feed for”. But that changes when you make some […]

Brain gain (new research on ad agencies & the UK regions)

Brain gain:New UK research on the proportions of advertising business that goes to local creatives, and the proportions of London clients that source agencies from outside London.

Kraftwerk tour the UK

Kraftwerk:I just heard that Kraftwerk are to tour the British Isles, beginning March 15th 2004. Oddly, the news came as their new album, Tour de France, started spinning up on my CD-player.

This time next year

This time next year:I’ve been offered a solo show, spread over two floors, at the Burslem School of Art in January 2005. Mainly photography, but also some fonts & graphic design too.

Leanne Martin (new site)

Leanne Martin:I made & launched a small web-site over the weekend, Those who went to the final re:location show will remember Leanne’s impressive glass & light column.

Only 10 weeks to St. Valentine’s Day

Only 10 weeks to Valentine’s Day:It’s hard to believe we’re only four months beyond the hottest day ever recorded in England. Roll on St. Valentine’s Day – only ten weeks to go! 🙂 gets .organised gets – repository of all things photobloggy – has had a makeover and new scripts. It now features the ability to filter the UK photoblogs into their own list. Sadly, still no way to filter out blogs containing pet pictures.

Mega megapixel

Mega megapixel:Megapixel images? Pah! this bloke does gigapixel images 🙂 (Hat tip: my friend Pete)

BitPass launches

BitPass launches:BitPass is coming out of beta next week, and the list of sellers has grown during the last month. BitPass is a viable micropayments system, that seems to have a good shot at being adopted as a key e-commerce tool for niche content-creators and other creatives.

Crafts photography

Crafts photography:The head of the Crafts Council came up to Stoke to speak last night, as one of a series of speakers invited by the local Arts & Architecture Group (they’ve kindly asked me to give a talk on my work in Spring 2004). During the talk it occurred to me that the photography of […]