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Snapped in the frost (more wintery photos)

Snapped in the frost: (large version, 82kb) (large version, 98kb) (large version, 180kb) (large version, 140kb) (large version, 135kb)

“Just my luck, more thistles” (said Eeyore)

“Just my luck, more thistles.”(said Eeyore): (large version, 42kb) (large version, 82kb) (large version, 40kb)

Bigger puddles (new photos)

Bigger puddles: I’ve added a page with larger versions of my six ice puddle photos.

Grains of Truth (rural photography conference)

Grains of Truth:Grains of Truth – new rural photography is the title of a planned conference in Nottingham, 23rd-24th September 2004. It’s set to be an… “international conference exploring the role of photography in documenting change & aspirations in rural communities, and ethical issues in farming.” No contact details for the organisers until early 2004, […]

Prize buy (Post-Xmas sales)

Prize buy:Yesterday’s sales yeilded up the 1000-page hardback edition of Ted Hughes’ Collected Poems, reduced from £40 to £17.45. Regrettably, there’s a blurb from the lousy hate-monger Tom Paulin staining the back cover. But, apart from that one false note, the book feels like a perfect summation of Hughes’ work.

2003 – Year of Photography

2003 – Year of Photography:If you were in London, that is. The Telegraph declares (free registration required) that “This was the year photography infiltrated the mainstream, with major shows in virtually every [large London art] gallery.”

A tree for £4.95 (family tree research online)

A tree for £4.95:In those grimy pre-internet days, tracing my family tree would probably have meant spending a small fortune and several months in dusty archives kow-towing to even dustier librarians. Last night I whizzed back through five generations in an evening, to a great-great-great grandfather born in 1821. For a cost of £4.95 to […]

The Queen is (not) Dead (Derek Jarman DVD releases)

The Queen is (not) Dead:Just when you might have thought that yet another native genius had been forgotten; Derek Jarman’s The Tempest and The Last of England are set to be released on DVD on 14th February 2004. The Tempest to include two additional short films by Jarman. Last of England to include the full […]

On the wild Frontier

On the wild Frontier:An excellent article detailing how to get the best out of the £400k Fuji Frontier printer which many mini-labs now have; scroll down the page for detailed recipes.

Out of the box (testing Photobox prints service)

Out of the box:Anticipating my exhibition (this time next year), I’m beginning to test various photoprint services. I’ve just recieved a few test prints from, a service which exposes digital images onto archival photographic paper. On Sunday I uploaded 6mb’s worth of JPG images to Photobox, and ordered two 10″ x 8″ prints (one […]

More icy images (photos)

More icy images: (large version, 32kb) (large version, 78kb) (large version, 97kb) (large version, 72kb) (large version, 92kb)

Subscribe to Unpopular Photography today! (British photog. mag round-up)

Subscribe to Unpopular Photography!:British photography magazines; are there ones for photographers who don’t own a model railway and a cardigan? Yes, some do exist; here’s a cull of my bookmarks…. ei8htPhotoworksPortfolioSourceredeyeNext Level (Flash only)28mmplUK In addition, contemporary photographers are sometimes featured in Contemporary, Tate, Frieze, Creative Review and Icon – plus (of course) ID and […]

Ice puddles (six images)

Ice puddles: There was a sharp ground-frost here this morning….            

Archival prints (group test of UK photofinishing services)

Archival prints:Photographyblog has a fair group-test of seven UK digital-2-photoprint services. These are affordable services which expose digital images onto archival photographic paper to make “proper” prints which should last 100 years or so.

Hello, old bean! (The Economist on weblogs)

Hello, old bean!:The Economist compares weblogs to male-only clubs whose patrons were all high on an Ethiopian drug and wore odd curly wigs.

Japan blogs (best of 2003)

Japan blogs:The best Japanese weblogs (English language, about/in Japan) of 2003. There’s still time to vote.

On the square (new square landscape photography)

On the square:Recent square-format landscape photography, all following a similar creative thread: Amanda Marchand; Lynn Geesaman (scroll down to the new colour work); and Micheal Kenna.

Wintery photos

Wintery photos: (large version, 145kb) (large version, 66kb)

Project Gutenberg adds audio books

Tasty ‘bergers:Project Gutenberg, not content with adding their 10,000th free e-book title a week ago, has branched out into free audio books.

Dumb Brum (Experian survey)

Dumb Brum: Another “oh dear” for Birmingham. Despite the makeovers of the last decade, the city comes last in an Experian ranking of major UK cities to which the pre-gentrification urban adverturers & post-gentrification brain-drainer downshifters are moving.