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Steelworks: (large version, 170kb)

Technology Review on BitPass

Another BitPass press article:Technology Review on the the BitPass beta. The really interesting comments start about halfway through the article. The author concludes micropayments can work, for some markets.

Earning a dollar a day on BitPass

Dollar a day:I’m happy to say that my goodies are currently earning me a steady dollar a day on Bitpass beta.

New collection of poems by Charles Tomlinson

Skywriting:A new collection of poems by Charles Tomlinson is out this month. It just goes to show that age doesn’t dull the edge of creativity, and that poets don’t all do their best work when young. He’s 77 and he’s still knocking off major literary prizes and being published in the TLS.

Booklet buffet

Booklet buffet:I wanted to print a 12-page double-sided A5 booklet from a simple Word document. I learned I could do it the easy way, using a printer driver which intercepted the printing and handled all the complex flipping of pages, printing-sideways, and even prompted you to put the paper back in the tray to print […]

“If you go down to the woods today…”

“If you go down to the woods today…”: The summer draws to a close, the school term begins. Strange childish structures are left deep in the woods… (large version, 110kb) (large version, 117kb)