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Talking techie: new NVIDIA drivers

Talking techie: The NVIDIA drivers (45.23), released a few days ago, seem to have significantly improved my PC’s graphics-card (a long-in-the-tooth GeForce4 MX 440 64mb). Previously; on a 1024 x 768 display, with CMOS and other settings tweaked, my 3D performance needed to have anti-aliasing turned off and the view-distance set to minimum. Not ideal. […]

Active British blogs

Active British blogs:For those still mourning the loss of the GBlogs portal (British blogs a go-go), a part of it has been continued over at JezUK’s active British blogs page. It lists British blogs which have updated in the last day or so.


Stoke-on-Vanish:A Guardian article on the exemplary restoration that’s underway of Stoke-on-Trent’s Trentham Gardens. Oddly, though, there’s no mention of Stoke anywhere in the article.

re:location press day

re:location Down to re:location with friend Mark Wood yesterday. After two hours of Friday traffic on the motorways, I now know why I use bicycles and trains instead. The event was the press day, and it went very well, seeing over 100 people and two performances. Both performances, by Brown Degeneracy and Hina & Co. […]

New York power cuts

Phew:D’log hasn’t been affected by the New York power-cuts; although if the western seaboard of the USA ever has The Earthquake, it’ll be down like a ton of bricks.

Blogging; an English slang word?

Blogging; an English slang word?I heard a very interesting use of the word “blogging” tonight. Used at a local community meeting, by a local woman speaker who – so far as I know – doesn’t use the net and doesn’t want to. She used it in the context of rumours; “We don’t want people getting […]


Gong:Adrian Miles, RMIT researcher on the possibility of viable video-blogs, e-mails me to say… “you get the gong for the first working system“.

BitPass worldwide

PlanetPassBitPass has replied to say that yes, BitPass will be available to sellers worldwide.

Socket and see

Socket and see:Over the weekend I’ve been testing a free plug-in for Windows Media Player 9, called 4Front Headphones. It’s designed to remove a lot of the ‘headphone-ness’ of headphone sound. It does what it says, has adjustable parameters, and I really like it.


Blogumentary:Chuck is making a film documentary about bloggers in the USA. He’s got footage. There’s a 13Mb trailer online.

VideoBlog template v.1.0

VideoBlog template v.1.0I made a new freeware site template. There are photo blogs, but few video blogs (‘vogs’?). With broadband, Flash MX’s excellent new video-player capabilities, and sub-£200 digital camera s which also make movie files, video blogs are the natural next step. So I made a basic template, which has some nice unique features. […]

Towns by train

Towns by train:I’d guess that a majority of the real movers & shakers and decision-makers travel a lot by train in the UK, first-class. So do many tourists. So why do our towns and cities not seem to pay any attention to the grotty “last mile” approach to their towns? A few do pay desultory […]


BitPass:More thinking about BitPass, the beta debit-card/micropayments service which lets users pay for web content. Let’s assume that BitPass requires a creative to earn $30 before a bank transfer is sent (I don’t know what the actual limit will be, or even if BitPass will be available to non-USA content-producers). And let’s then assume that […]

Tuppence for your thoughts

Tuppence for your thoughts:Could my readers keep me in the clearance-sale digital-radio cards and cheap DVDs to which I’ve become accustomed? Well, it sort of happens already; people increasingly see my weblog & sites and then ask me to do freelance work. And a university library recently bought a £50 ‘library copy’ of my e-book […]

Silly-season blogging

Silly-season blogging:A hot British August; time to blog about the inconsequential, the ephemeral. There was a big red star, hanging low in the southern night sky after midnight. On closer inspection with binoculars, it was the planet Mars; apparently it’s at the nearest it’s been to Earth since the Ice Ages ended. Watch out for […]

Pay(pal) to go

“Pay(pal) to go”:“Pay to go” journalism. Pay Robert Fisk & Jeffrey Archer to go and investigate some bat-infested cave in the Congo for a few years? I’d donate $5 to that. But would you, dear readers, bung me a tenner to visit the seaside and blog about it live online? Nope, thought not. The Public:I […]