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Made it

Made it:Today sees the launch of Channel 4’s new Ideas Factory West Midlands site, for professional young creatives in the West Midlands. As a freelancer I researched, formatted, and supplied the site’s sixty events & opportunities listings for April to August 2003.

Canon shot

Canon shot:The successor to the Canon EOS D60 digital camera has been brought to my attention by the new Computer Arts magazine; a genuine 6-megapixels CCD on an SLR camera body, for a likely recommended price of “£1500”. So the new EOS 10D should cost significantly less on the street than the £1,999 + lenses […]

Pool side

Pool side: (large version, 95kb)

Great albums

Decade-shaping albums…on sale in the bargain racks at a pitiful £3.99. Sad; but it means I now have CD copies of Eno’s Another Green World and Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine. Recent photos: (large version, 58kb) (large version, 92kb) (large version, 63kb) (large version, 32kb) (large version, 27kb) (large version, 100kb)


Fuji-lessMy Fuji F601z has had to be returned for repair. The good news it that it’s still a few days inside its 12-month warranty. The bad news is that it could be away for two weeks or more 🙁 Luckily, I still have my trusty old (very old) Fuji MX-2700.


Brummitton:Blimey; the latest Benetton Colours magazine is all about… Birmingham.

Andrew Sullivan

Toppling the idols:One of my favorite writers, Andrew Sullivan, is in today’s Sunday Times. He summarises the end of the war with crystalline clarity.

My new Nokia

“I’m on the mobile!”I’ve just discovered that my new Nokia is actually…. a fully-fledged sex toy!

Coming soon…

Coming soon…My apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’m doing some freelance work for MADE and Channel 4, compiling listings for a new web-site. And I’m also doing 20 days of documentation work for Jubilee Arts & c/Plex.