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Precision targetting

Precision targetting:Mark Steyn, writing even more brilliantly than usual, in the Telegraph. Spot on.

Content, clusters, cities

Content, clusters, cities:I was talking with Jake Grimley of MADE last week about the importance of ‘content origination’ for the competitiveness of the UK creative media sector. And tonight I found a spot-on quote from a speech given by Phil Wood in Nottingham… “There’s one thing that would worry me if the UK’s Regional Development […]

Audio-only games, update

Audio-only games, update:Remember my posting on the possibilities of audio-only games? It seems the technology to make them is indeed rapidly moving forwards. Great news for blind game-players, but it perhaps doesn’t bode well for many call centres; after most low-level jobs are shipped out to India, much of the industry could be outsourced to […]

Richard Battye & AVA

Richard Battye: The name may ring a bell – this is the professional photographer who some will remember for his This England show in Birmingham a few years ago. He has his new web-site up, and it offers a full range of excellent galleries. Sonic bloom: AVA is a new sonic-art promoter in the West […]

A plank of wood vs. the Green Man

A plank of wood vs. the Green Man: Two snaps from today’s trip to the Custard Factory in Birmingham… (large version, 72kb) (large version, 72kb)

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Rhubarb Rhubarb:Birmingham’s Rhubarb Rhubarb has announced dates for its third international photography festival, in Birmingham on 24th – 27th July 2003.

Vid dig

Vid Dig:BECTA’s Creativity in Digital Video Awards 2003 have been announced, and the winning videos are now online.

Bird’s nest

Bird’s nest:On the way to buy a newspaper, I found a fallen bird’s nest… (large version, 112kb) (large version, 75kb)

Go War

Go War:“The imaginative failure of an anti-war movement which includes nearly every artiste in the country is a symptom of Britain’s cultural impoverishment.” Who casts this slur on our precious luvvies? Some reactionary anti-arts hawk? Nope; it’s Nick Cohen, the enfant-terrible writer who’s so adored by the Guardian-reading classes. And how right he is. Photobloggies:The […]

Selling online

Selling online: A thought occured to me about e-commerce for arts & crafts. Usually a site’s divided up by artist, or by type or work, or by genre. But why not categorise the paintings / crafts / photographs by emotion? The emotion that the buyer wants either for his/her living room, or to evoke in […]