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New photo

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The Future is here

The Future is here (nice):I’ve been browsing a stack of art, design and fashion magazines, a stack so heavy I could barely lift it. Here’s a trends digest for Summer 2003: growing overlaps between art, fashion, design and technology – exemplified by new man-made colours which allow subtle new pearlescence and metallics; the colour white […]

Wide Games

Blogging again:Wow. I just realised how long I’ve been absent from blogging. Here’s a juicy link, re my recent postings about the future of games, Slate magazine on mobile-phone enhanced RPG ‘wide games’.

Through the Miller

Through the Miller:Radio 4 broadcaster and Times columist Jonathan Miller has a new web site. It’s all about his brave stand in not paying his TV licence. He’s prepared to go to jail, he says.

Really odd co-incidence

Really odd co-incidence:On the train today; a classic ‘blog moment’. I happened to sit next to a grey-haired man who seemed to be an academic, and he was reading the ancient Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf (swords, sorcery, bog-monsters, gold, rather rambling plot). At the next station a couple of pimply students got on and sat immediately […]

As if things weren’t bad enough

As if things weren’t bad enough:Ebola breaks out & it looks like the virus is killing off all the gorillas.

Comix software

Comix software:An easy-to-use software-based workflow to make imaginative comic strips. No, I haven’t found one, but it’s the sort of thing that should exist. Ok, code is never going to produce Krazy Kat, but could be useful for education at least. About once every twelve months I have a look to see if someone’s done […]

Here come the warm jets

Here come the warm jets:The Brian Eno Story. You missed tonight’s hour-long special on national treasure Brian Eno, as I did; but ‘Listen Again’ using BBC Radio 2’s web-site service. Oblique Strategies:The famous Eno-built ‘creative advice’ oracle, now available for the Palm, free. Counting the notes:An interesting new report, Counting the Notes: the economic value […]